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Re: The Newspaper

Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 10:01
by CrocKSI
Rythm wrote:I was the "swedish" (I´m german) Intel officer. I actually dont know the intel, I just got the ring from Genocide about a reporter that might be cooperating with GCT. So I had you popped. Tough as I told you off-game, I had some serious doubts about having popped the right reporter after going thru your stuff. And Wasp later confirmed it. But as Rico later put it: "No problem, there are so many --- SPAM !!! ---ing reporters, they start to bore me. We should kill them all." ;)
Your Swedish is close to excellent anyway. ;)
The sad part was that Genocide was wrong in his info, if that was all he got, because in the beginning RICO threatened me to tell his news or no news.
There was plenty of films in the camera telling that GCT was scum. I even filmed and publiced a warcrime done by the GCT.
So Your close to excellent intel job would have told You that You popped the right guy.
But now Your popped me by wrong the reasons.
That makes me little bit angry. :twisted:
There is something called torture!!!!!
Use it on next BERGET.

And no, I will not be a Commander of anything next Berget.

Your former Leader.