RIP Wasp

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RIP Wasp

Post by Rythm » 18 Nov 2020, 14:32

It is with great sadness i must announce that long-time participant Wasp, Brother of MrMedic and Commander Red forces @ B11 and B12 amongst other roles, has passed away due to cancer last month. He leaves behind fellow berget participant and wife and his two children.

Due to the pandemic the funeral will be Streamed on the fourth of december. Feel free to participate and/or leave a word of kindness to the family.

We shall meet again in Valhalla, my brother in arms

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Re: RIP Wasp

Post by Windi^ » 20 Nov 2020, 18:23

Oh no :cry:

He was a great guy and my dear friend. One of the most easily approachable persons I have ever met. I have spent great time with him in past Bergets. Last time I saw him was B12, after the last fight. We were on opposite teams, but we met, laughed and hugged :cry:

I will miss him a lot.

All the strength to his family, you are in my thoughts.

We shall meet again my dear friend.
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