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Pretty sweet bunker for sale 2 hours from Hänrösand

Posted: 16 Nov 2015, 16:26
by Brage
This is probably not interesting for Berget Events themselves, but this (link in swedish) bunker for sale in Ånge komun, a bit more than 2 hours by car for Härnösand caught my eye. This bunker can apparently be reached by bus, and has its own generator and all sorts of rooms you might need for surviving a nuclear war (if you stash enoough rations, that is). There's a 100 meter long tunnel leading into the bunker!

This would be an awesome HQ and/or playing area in an airsoft game. Included in the sale is 8365 square meters of property, so I reckon the area is just big enough to host a weekend airsoft game with inside and outside action. I'm assuming the municipality owns the surrounding forest. Maybe they can be sweet talked into allowing airsoft play there as well.

More photos

Besides, mechanized units in Berget could easily have their HQ here and just drive home when they're going to bed :P