TEAM IRELAND (the black watch)

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 11
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TEAM IRELAND (the black watch)

Post by TerrenceAnth » 01 Jul 2013, 12:43

We are aware that some of the nice people we met in Berget this year do not have access to our Team barracks so this is just a thread so you can find team Ireland so we can all keep in touch. Send me a PM and ill add you to our facebook group and we can keep in touch and team up again at berget 2014 :team:

Juggernaut/The big irish medic
B10: NAF 23rd light infantry. Fox 2.3 recon PL
B11: Blood Ravens PL
B12: Sledgehammer Company Commander
B:13 GCT Special Parachute Infantry PL
B14 NAF Infantry PL
B15 Ballsdeepwreckingcrew
B16 UPIR Hawk 9 Company Commander
B17 Coming Soon.....

The Black Watch
Blood for the blood god!

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