Storys regarding Rico.

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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Shorty85 » 09 Jul 2013, 15:44

Ricos escape was a painful experience, i was the first guy to turn the corner of the Iron walls to meet like 40-50 guys. I fired a burst into the crowd hitting maybe 2 guys. Then I got the full revenge of like 30 guys. Ouch, but if was a seriously adrenaline filled experience :D
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Mayor » 09 Jul 2013, 23:52

Hi guys.

Thanks for the support! :D This truly was a great game for me, the best so far as a matter of fact, and I owe it all to the people I met and had a chance to interact with. I did really enjoyed the “Rico-character”, and hope he will return at B12.

Rico did survive, and did not get caught, although it was F…..G close, so thought I tell the story of my escape from the Iron walls (again), since that was an amazing game-night for me. So here it goes:

We (the Ravens) got intel that the fort was going to get hit in an major way at Friday night. We made preparations to defend ourselves and the village. The fort had an escape tunnel, that led from a small house inside of the walls into a tent on the outside. I had a civilian armband, in case I ever needed to go “incognito”, and a set of civilian clothes (jacket, hat, schemag). I put these things close to the tunnel. We also had a “body double”, one of my body guards had a black leather jacket, an eye-patch and a black beret in the command tent, and was ready to switch places with me in case I needed to escape. When night came, the shooting started.

What happened was, that the GCT came in through our escape tunnel! I heard a big explosion, and heard the guards by the corner close to the tunnel screaming “HIT”. I hit the ground, and started crawling away, when I got shot in the ass by, what I assume was, a stray bullet. A medic got me away, and healed me, and the one of my body guards took me to the command tent. A little bit later, my body double (Oskar, you rocked big time! :lol: I´ve seen the video, you were awesome, man!!!) came in, shouting “switch, switch”! He changed into his “Rico clothes”, and I ran fast as hell to the tunnel, where I dropped my jacket and beret, put on the civilian clothes, covered my face with the schemag so the eye patch would not show so easily, and crawled out!

What happened inside, I found out later, was that my body double kept shouting inside the command tent, stuff like “Fight on! Rico lives” and stuff like that! So after the doors were breached, GCT got him and put him in a transport! But unfortunately, the guy sitting next to him knew me from before (Parzi, was that you?) and put a flashlight to his face and then went: “F..K, it´s not him”. Oskar was later executed, in an excellent way! When I heard this, I was so happy, I felt like frekinn Saddam Hussein!!! :D

Back to me! I crawled through the tunnel and saw no blue armbands on that side of the wall, but I did see a red one behind a tent. I crawled over there and hissed: “You gotta get me the hell out of here.” The guy looked at me and said: “Who the hell are you?” I said: “I´m Rico”, and showed him my face. He said “F..K”, and called two other guys over. (Lokke and you other 2 Norwegian guys, thank you for this! :) ) Together, we ran by the side of the forts short side, but on the other long side, there was crawling with GCT busy climbing ladders over the walls.

When I saw them, I immediately through myself to the ground, and my brave Raven allies were killed. I lay on the ground, and asked the GCT soldier standing over me: “I have nothing to do with this, can I go?” He looked at my of game bag and asked what was inside it, and I said off game. stuff (I hade hid all my in-game important stuff before the attack, except a shit load of money which I had in a pocket by my ankle, but he didn´t chech me closely. I had a gun also, but I discovered later I had lost it. It´s recovered now, apparently it fell out of the holster when I crawled through the tunnel.) Then he said: “Yes, but stay away from the walls”. I stood, and walked into the woods with my hands over my head. Lucky break! :P

I walked away from the fort, just to get to a safe distance, and when I got to the “border”, I started walking towards the border crossing. I called the commander of Raven guerrillas (Wasp) and said that I escaped the fort and that I needed a pick up when I found a familiar location. I also called Majk (In-game filling in as commander for Blood ravens, since Kris was killed earlier) to give him the same information. I found a border crossing, took up my map to see if it was north or south, and called Majk again. He asked me to confirm that it was the south crossing, which meant getting up on the road and having a look. There was movement on the road, mostly “dead people”, but I didn´t want anybody to see me, and my damn eye patch made it hard to see properly. (Yeah, It was on the entire time! In all the commotion I just forgot about it, even alone in the woods! :? )

When it seemed quiet on the road, I sneaked up and had a look: It was the south crossing! When I turned around to get of the road, I saw movement coming from the direction of the Iron Walls, and I got of the road fast as hell and crawled into the woods and hid. I lay there, waiting for them to pass. (They never did. They must have gone into the woods somewhere, or turned back.) When all was quiet again, I started looking for my phone to call the commanders and give them my location, and then I discovered that, DAMN, I lost my phone crawling through the woods. (I couldn´t call it, had it set on silent, and I don´t know if I had done that anyway, risking that some GCT would hear it.) I also discovered that I lost my gun, but worst of all, I lost my civilian armband! :cry:

I had put in on in a hurry, and it probably just fell off during the crawling. I thought; “What do I do now?” I couldn’t call anyone, and I could not be in the game area with no armband. I could not put on the death rag, because that would be like cheating, since the entire damn GCT was looking for me! I decided, I had to get a new armband to stay in game. So I had to go to the Safe zone and get one. Which meant passing right by the GCT camp! I thought; “I´ll just walk the road and hope they don´t stop me, or that they are so focused on the Iron walls.”

So I walked along the road, though the border crossing (No GCT. Lucky break again!) and kept walking, my face covered and looking into the ground. Many people and cars (living and dead) passed me but no one took notice of me, except some civilian that said “Hi”. (I looked down and muttered something as an answer.) I can tell you, I was REALLY nervous during this walk.

After a bit, I reached the crossing to the GCT camp, and there was a GCT guard. He let a car through, and then he stopped me.
“Why don’t you have an armband”, he said.
“I lost it crawling through the wood”, I said. “That was also when I lost my gun. But It´s civilian.”
“Why would a civilian be crawling through the woods?” he said.
“There was a lot of shooting in the village, and one of you guys said to me to get down and keep away from the walls”, I said.
“OK”, he said. “Where are you going?”
“To the safe zone to get a new armband”, I said.
“OK”, said he. “I´ll have to search you”.
He searched me, but I did not have anything on me, except the money which he did not find in the ankle pocket. Then he said:
“Why do you cover you face?”
“Because of the mosquitos”, I said, thinking: No I´m fucked!!!
“Show it to me”, he said.
“Why?” said I, and then he raised his gun and said:
“Because I say so!”
I took away the schemag, and he looked me right in the face, and said:
“Why do you wear an eye patch?”

“Because of my bad eye”, I said, but I could not believe my luck: He did not recognize me!
“Are you OK, man?” said he. “You´re shivering!”
I had not noticed, but I suppose I was shivering. I had so much adrenalin in me by then It would be weird if I didn´t.
“I´ve been crawling in the wood a long time.” I said. “And I´m also pretty scared.”
“Ok”, he said. “Sorry, but we have to search everyone. We have had trouble with hostile civilians.”
And he let me through! The luckiest break ever! :lol:

(This guy was an excellent sport about it, I met him after the incident and later at the beer party and he actually bought me a beer! Man, I don’t remember your name, but I hope you will come to B12, because if anyone should get to kill Rico, It´s you!!! You made my night awesome, and I thank you for that!!!)

So I walked right into the safe zone, and the next day, I started my game on the wrong side of the border, trying to get back to the main base without getting caught, which I did thanks to my amazing body guards and the awesome Raven Guerillas, led by Wasp, Mr. Medic and Rhythm.

This post was so damn long, so I think I´ll make it a little bit longer. Wanna thank some people:

¤ Wasp and Kris, commanders of guerrillas and Blood Ravens! Excellent work!
¤ Rhythm, for the most absurd phone calls I ever had.
¤ Freno, because you are always so awesome. (And yes, the condom was mine, because the escape tunnel was THAT narrow and I always, and I mean ALWAYS, wear protection. :P)
¤ All civilian players, that made the town such an entertaining place to be.
¤ All raven players that I talked to, and let me ramble on like a crazy person.
¤ And special thanks to my AWESOME bodyguards, all the guys in Valkyries! You made my game, and getting to know you both in and outside the game was excellent. It is great when you go home, feeling you made 11 new, really good friends!
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Pat_D » 10 Jul 2013, 08:10

Great story man :mrgreen:
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by BiohZn » 10 Jul 2013, 11:11

Can´t hear enough of that story, you should have seen the mans face and bodylanguage when he told the story after coming back to the Iron Walls (he was still on that same adrenaline kick) I can´t say i´ve ever seen a man that excited and happy about all the luck and action he just witnessed.
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Mrfoss » 11 Jul 2013, 00:59

Well we in delta(~16men in raven guerilla) loved the story, including all the great civilians. You all bring the depth that all Airsoft events should have. Was very fun for us in delta to start of following guerilla command and then getting more and more orders from blood raven command as the game progressed.

Like the way Rico and hes commanders did not trust us at first. Then after successfully completing assignments, getting more and more trust. It was with good reason as we had orders from guerilla to spy for them when we got the chanse. Unfortunately for G our loyalties switched during the game due to the money and drugs coming our way working for Rico :D
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Parzi » 12 Jul 2013, 00:09

Mayor wrote:But unfortunately, the guy sitting next to him knew me from before (Parzi, was that you?) and put a flashlight to his face and then went: “F..K, it´s not him”.
Yeah it was me and my intel officer L4gi. You dear Rico were not the only one having adrenaline rush in there. I actually was in contact with the fake Rico for several minutes before the car but didnt realise the situation right away. Only in the car when things started to calm down i realised that hes not the guy! We had photographs of all important targets that atleast key personell had memorised but things aint that simple when the battle is on.

I think the hunt will continue next year, i dont know if we get you since you seem to be sneaky bastard but i promise that i will do my best to find you whatever my role will be next year :twisted:
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Artazzz » 27 Jul 2013, 22:11

See Rico at the start - his speech was awesome.

Also i remembered our dialog on Ravens base, about hair colors, it was funny :)
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Hazardous » 28 Jul 2013, 18:56

Artazzz wrote:See Rico at the start - his speech was awesome.

Also i remembered our dialog on Ravens base, about hair colors, it was funny :)
You made hem think hes a God :D
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Wolf77 » 31 Jul 2013, 16:22

Hi Rico,

The GCT guard was me, Alex Lupu aka Wolf from Romania. I was assigned to HVIU with my fellow Romanians and since it was my first Berget game, I really wanted to shoot....a lot! :) So, did not pay too much attention to the profile of the key players, just reading diagonally through the plot...

Unfortunatelly, in the first day of the game while GCT Special Forces were storming the border I broke my mensicus and part of the anterior ligament of my left knee....therefore the only action I could possibly have was patroling the edges of the GCT base...with a lot of painkillers on board...(thanks a lot to my team mates who walked 4 km daily just to see how I am and my true appreciation to the Berget medical team)......

Yes Rico, that was a hell of an encounter...and you were gone for I did not recognize you...and even so, no armband means off game :)...

After I let you go, I actually sent your description to my Romanian HVIU team but by the time I have received clearance on your actual were gone. Tried to run, vanished...

Nevertheless, next year your eye patch is mine!!!!!!! :)

Thank you all for this great experience, see you next year!

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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Gugge » 07 Aug 2013, 00:07

Wolf, you can always try ;)
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Escobar85 » 12 Aug 2013, 00:46

Hey Rico. Lokke and i (Escobar85) and Shorty85 was the people from Ravens who got you from the tent and along the iron walls. and into the arms of GCT. That part of the game was epic to me... my heart jumped out of my chest when i fourst see the Finnish GCT arround the corner... Loved the way you talked your way out to the "freedom"(woods) Thanks for a greate game exp...

Escobar85. :D

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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Klings » 28 Aug 2013, 15:51

We; the Ravens mech was waiting for Rico somwhere near the witchdoctor.
Suddenly we recive a message. Rico is ready for pickup by the main road. We rushed towards the road, exited, finaly our wait was over. Action time!

When we got to the road; no Rico. We called HQ, figured out what was wrong, and returned to the witchdoctor.
There we found rico and his friends, we picked him up, turned around and extracted him as fast as possible.

The day was saved, mission sucsessful. A true mil-sim mission too. A lot of waiting, no shooting and a great screwup.
After all this, i never laid my eyes on Rico.
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Re: Storys regarding Rico.

Post by Panzergraf » 28 Aug 2013, 18:40

Too bad the mission didn't conclude sooner, I'd have loved to get in on the action around the GCT base before the game ended :)
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