funniest experience i had

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 11
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Re: funniest experience i had

Post by Magne » 26 Nov 2013, 23:01

Standing on the road next to our teamleaders Wrangler and preparing for the next mission, we heard a pretty loud engine sound...looked down the road and there came a blitzkrieg Unimog. We went down behind our car dodging for the drive by shooting (and damn they used a lot of BB's) , could that have been you Judgementday ? :D We mounted the jeep and went for the Unimog chase of the year together with a Danish team, haven't had so much fun in years...we managed to stop the Beast with BAVS and took out the crew. Really good game...will remember this a long time !
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Re: funniest experience i had

Post by Pat_D » 04 Dec 2013, 14:23

That was definitely him, cause he was the only one from GCT Mechs with a unimog. There was no other one.
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Re: funniest experience i had

Post by Moskus » 16 Dec 2013, 01:34

Me and one other guy from my airsoft club got robbed.

This is the legend of knee-pads and goggles. As my club calls it.

Me and this guy, we are considered the most experienced and most eager players in our club. It's a small club with only 5 members attending Berget 11. We also have the most expensive gear and guns.

We where walking from the GCT base on the first night after we had been back to respawn. It was just the two of us, the rest of the squad stayed back at base to dry up and eat. We where a few hundred meter past the mil, right before the bunker thingy on the border when we realized we where on the wrong road. So we decided to get of the main road and go through the woods. We where 5 min walking distance from GCT base, what could possibly go wrong? We where almoast "out of the woods" (lol) when we stopped because my friend had to fix his knee-pads and i had to apply more anti-fog to my goggles when we where. We where about 20 meters from the road we where supposed to be on when it happened. "FREEZE" it sounded from somewhere in the woods. We raised our hands and looked around confused and answered "calm down, we are GCT". Then i heard it, from right behind my back. With the heaviest russian accent i have ever heard and the words that will haunt me for the rest of my life "i know". My friend had his hand on his sidearm, placed on his hip that was facing away from the man who now approached us. As we turned around i could see his red armband. I started whispering "skyt han før hællvette, d e jo en raven?! ka du vente på din hæstkuk? få fingern ut av ræva å på avtrækkern" In a low voice to my friend. Witch means "shoot him, it's a raven. what are you waiting for? shoot him". I couldn't shoot him myself as he was right on top of us and the gun i carried had a 15 meter safety distance. And i didn't carry a sidearm... Before. My friend replied "e du fette dom i haue? se no hær borte!" That means "no. look over there!" and he guided my gaze to our right. Then, out of nowhere no more than 3 meters from where we were standing. A 6-8 man team emerged from the forest floor. We would have walked straight onto them if their team mate hadn't stopped us. And there where no obvious hiding spots, almost no bumps or rocks ( certainly none to hide an entire human behind) and no bushes. Only those high and "skinny" trees with branches only at the upper half of the tree. What these guys did was like hiding in a empty parking lot! This is to date the most incredible display of stealth i have ever witnessed. They moved closer to our position and melted away into the forest again. Some of them fixed on us while the other watched the perimeter. Then man who had us still a gunpoint all of a sudden just hit the deck as a GCT Mech pulled over and stopped at the road we where currently 20 meters from. The guys in the car had clearly spotted us and were waving at us while i switched glances with our capturer, currently on the ground. It was like this look he gave me was saying "I dare you! i double dare you motherf***r!" Only in Russian. So me and my friend waved back to our only hope of survival, and it waved back at us as it drove off into the distance. The Russian (or at least we presume he was) rose to the ground and asked if he had to search us. when someone was as skilled, disciplined and professional as this guys appeared to be we just gave them our Berget Dollars. They would probably have found them anyways.
And then they let us go.

We where halfway back to base again before i could muster myself to say "Dude, what just happened?" and my friend looked me straight in the eyes and "i think we just got robbed by spetznas or something". Even if the "spetznas" guys hadn't made us promise not to tell anyone they where there i don't think we would have told anyone anyways because this was just embarrassing! xD We where so embarrassed that we actually agreed on never speaking of this incident again. But two days later our team wanted to hire an assassin and we where all supposed to chip in but we had to explain how we had lost all our money xD This was the most expansive anti-fog i have ever used.

If any of you "spetznas robbery squad guys" read this. Even tho i was taken prisoner, man that was awesome!
Sure kicked my ego down a couple of notches XD
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Re: funniest experience i had

Post by JudgementDay » 18 Dec 2013, 14:15

Pat_D wrote:That was definitely him, cause he was the only one from GCT Mechs with a unimog. There was no other one.
Not me, just my team. I was never even once on board that truck, never went any further from the base than to the Guyana side of the Southern Border Crossing. But my guys told the same story, and boy, did they enjoy that car chase (even though they cursed me for not supplying them with BAVS for that one)! :)

@ Moskus: Hell of a story, I admit. Also a gripping way of re-telling your experience. To the unknown Robber Spetznas: My deepest respect. You're not probably looking for some kind of PMC occupation next year? ;)
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Re: funniest experience i had

Post by Rythm » 18 Dec 2013, 23:37

Stop trying to recruit the glorious Ravens!


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