What happend in your game?

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 11
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What happend in your game?

Post by Tiger_1 » 04 Jul 2013, 14:44

Hey guys.

The point of this thread is to make a few summary post, so people can see what other units and people did during the game. Some may use it for general feedback, but most of that is covered in bergets threads.

To start it all off.

This was my berget nr 7. Having played 5-11. It was also a return to basics game for me, as it was my first game since B7 that I was not in a command role. I was part of Blood ravens under kjsaw, and part of their third talon (Our name for a company level unit, but a bit smaller). Stone[no] was my immediate commander, and as we have worked together since B6, we get along very well. The plan that our commanders got around to, was to operate and conduct our self as much as possible as a guerrilla force, so our enemy would have to deal with that, more then a force on force regular fight. I am not sure how our opponents saw us (part of the reason for this thread being to get the story from all sides so we can put events together, I for one have NO idea what really happened outside my own unit, one of the perks of not being in a command pos).
My job was part time 2ic of talon 3, and rifleman in the command element. The command element was Stone, me, 2 Norwegians from Milsim.no, Fluffe from sweden, and Nic from Greece, A real good airsoft mix, the way it should be.
We started the game with 2 platoon elements, and one independent squad, that along with the talon command squad would make up a unit reserve.
When the game started we were gathered inside the Iron walls to listen to Rico's speech. This turned out to be short and to the point, so we could get on with the game (those that know me know I am not really a great fan of LARP in airsoft games). We headed of to the southern border crossing, hoping to get there ahead of the enemy and hold it (fat chance). As a backup, we intended to help bottle up GCT forces. For this part I was detached from the command squad and given the role of following the lead element forward as Stones eyes and ears. Due to the weather, and my choice of headwear, eyes where not really part of my setup that night. So walking around with the lead elements until we ran into an enemy force. I got shot and bleed out during the first exchange of fire. I know other elements of our unit was involved in the general engagement that happened around the area, but I was out of that fight. After a respawn I joined forces with a nice group of guys from Bravo element third talon and we ended up trying to get to elements of our unit operating around the northern border crossing. After running into a GCT blocking/ambush force there was only two of us left, and after stalking around the forest a while, we ended up in a short blue on blue, and then went home to get some sleep for the night. Thursday we headed out with most of the talon (minus elements that did not seem to get the point of operating as a TEAM). The main effort here was a push across the border to sell drugs. giving money to our cause. I am not sure it was worth it in lives, but the move was fun, with our Bravo element conducting a flank attack on GCT units holding the pos above the stream. As they did that, the command element of talon three, along with commander of talon 2, and kjsaw carried the drugs to the mill (top heavy team, but we made it). After heading back to the civilian camp, we headed out in search of a reported enemy force vest of the camp. finding nothing, it developed into a raid on the south border crossing and road in that area. Here I got to have my first real good firefight of the game. With elements of both Bravo and Alfa pushing the enemy back, until they got reinforcements and caught the command element. That was a great fight, and the best thing about it was when the enemy got to us, they where all smiles and good spirit. Had a look at our maps (with nothing on them) and took our berget money (I actually had mine with me, to make someones day). I do not know who you guys where, but it was nice to have a clean, good airsoft fight.
After going back to base for some food, and a quick rest, we headed out on drug run 2, the sequel. This ran into trouble early on, and we ended up with kjsaw, his XO, talon 3 command element and a medic from raven guerrilla that we had picked up along the way, going cross country to try and get the drugs across the border. We managed to sneak across at the northern border crossing and headed to the mill via the forest. about 50 meters from the mill we ran into a GCT sniper element, with several people of our unit getting shot, and some unlucky range issues for high power rifles. It did not end well, and we went offgame (a negative ending to a very fun mission). Friday started of with a mission to harass enemy elements along the main road and in the area around fisherman's hut. After staying on ambush for 3 hours, we headed on down to the area around the civilian camp, not really meeting any resistance. As the enemy would not come to us, we went to him. With talon 3 elements going to the southern border crossing (again). Here we operated in the woods along the road taking out GCT forces that we could hit (great day for all the bavs to be somewhere else). We had some great firefights here, and generally great fun was had by all. Most of us ended up right on the border, with the last elements from the command team being taken out around the bunker (I died a bit before the others thanks to a very well placed GCT guy that I am sure got me twice! Thanks to the random medic that healed me after the first time). Friday evening was spent operating with a small part of talon 3 alfa unit and part of the command element from blood ravens. In the general chaos around the civilian camp we retreated into the woods and the hill east of the camp (we again picked up a stray medic, guys, you need to hold on to your medics). When the GCT attack came we where in the forrest in the area behind the civilian shooting range. We ended up going head to head with a finish GCT element, and after inflicting losses pulled out as we started to get flanked. After a brief pause to reload mags and get our bearings we headed back in, running into the rear element of a finish unit (I am still not 100% sure if this was GCT or blue on blue), but we again got away from the firefight without loss. After walking around a bit we ran into more raven elements (surprised there was not more blue on blue during that time). After talking with some friendly elements, we got a call to try and locate Rico, who was lost somewhere around the northern border crossing. So off our small command element went. After a rather tense walk around the forest to try and get to the northern crossing we got told to cancel the mission, as rico had to go off game due to losing a phone and some other stuff. We started back, and as we approached the road midway between the civilian camp and witchdoctors practice we ran into a GCT force. A small standoff, with a few civilians adding to the confusion, ended in a firefight that had me and the rest killed over the next few min. Back to base again ;)
Saturday was the big "find Rico" day. And as only a small element of our talon was up to going very far, we split with elements from bravo covering the road by fisherman's hut, and a mix of bravo and alfa taking up a blocking pos around the crossroads of civilian camp and northern border crossing. Here we stayed, waiting for the expected GCT force to come and break through. In the end, we only saw 2 GCT cars (that turned up the road to the civilian camp instead of into our well prepared BAVS ambush, much to my 2 BAVS gunners disappointment). After getting the good news that Rico had been found, secured and Ravens all over where happy, we headed back to base at game off (not firing a singel shot on the last day of berget was kind of new ;) ).
So I hope someone was bothered to read all this, and perhaps to give some story's of their own that can fill in the picture of what GCT or other factions was doing for the players that where not in the main info channel.

I would also like to say thanks for one of my best bergets ever (mostly due to a lot of fun action for a change). Great working with the Blood ravens. Blood raven command, as always great to be around you guys. Talon 3, you did well
the guys of the talon 3 command element, I will walk 50km with you guys again any time.
Oh, and don't forget to leave us random medics around the game area next time also, always good to have one or two extra of them :)

To the GCT I met in battle, keep up the good airsoft spirit I mostly encountered, that is what makes this game so great!
"go to your God like a soldier!"

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Re: What happend in your game?

Post by Gravitas » 05 Jul 2013, 13:54

Hi, Good first hand account and some nice stories in there ;)

This year I also joined the frontlines form higher command and was a squad leader with a blood ravens unit "Team Zerg". Officially we were a part of 1st Talon, 1st Platoon, but acted as an independent unit. Strength varied from 7 to 18 people changing configuration several times.

We didn't have much clue about what's going on with the Ravens side in general. We were out for trouble, and mostly got what we asked for :) Some highlights included:

- Taking and holding the southern border crossing bunker several times. Including during the night (rolled 11K points from it to reds in the first night+morning). As well as several nice ambushes and attack repels. Until finally (at times after hours) getting overrun by a force superior in numbers.

- Some cool LARP drug trade at the Mill (dubbed the Milf) point. I think the list price for drugs was 2000 berget dollars; we managed to sneeze out 11,000 in the first go and 5,000 in the second go ;-) good negotiation (and intimidation) skills! also contributed some of the money towards the nuclear device the Ravens were building.

- We had a cool assault to the back of the blue base on Friday evening I think. With the sun directly behind our backs we assaulted with about 30 people and naturally got wiped out. But not before causing some havok and observing a hilarious Blue-on-Blue exchange of fire where the blues shot several of their own people with full auto mercilessly =) That's also all on HD video.

- One of our guys managed to knife kill a blue in the back who was trying to ambush us. Pwned!

- We had an exchange of fire with some people who we think might have been Russian UA-17 guys. In the middle of the fight the game masters build a new Raven spawn point directly behind us (like 30 meters away); so that kind of gave us the upper hand quickly =) Otherwise we appeared to be evenly matched.

- We had 2 successful missions of intentionally being taken as prisoner and giving out a lot of incorrect and misleading information to the blues. Some of this at least was taken very seriously.

- Saturday evening we had a good epic fun fight around the southern border crossing bunker and the blue base. In our final "2 minutes of game time left" assault we finally died in the front of the blue base. Shot a few people from hiding in the forest, who cheated (I have it all on HD video. They must have cheated because they didn't see any red anywhere and thought that nobody is watching, or something), but it didn't matter much, the game was over 2 minutes later anyways. Had fun.

- One of our medics joined forces with UA-17 in the end, and acted as their healer inside the overtaken Rico's compound =) in the end when he finally came out the opposing red were pretty surprised to see a red medic in there :)

Overall it would be nice to know what the Blue side did during the event; because not much of it was visible to us. To us it just seemed like the fight was at the Blue doorstep all the time and their base got assaulted often. Including at least once getting overrun totally and some rumors of us Red completing our Nuke and nuking the blue base? Each time we encountered blue it was either of two things: encountering an element of blue that quickly got totally wiped out by us (leading to us wondering was this it then?) or encountering a far superior numbers of blue that rolled over us en masse slowly. Often accompanied by finnish-language shouting =). All of the latter cases happened when we were holding tactical points and defending. We didn't really ever encounter any strong blue defense (expect in the blue base) and never bumped into an evenly matched blue force out there.

Also the overall Red debriefing would be great. Not much idea how the broader fight went for the Ravens.

In general: the new game area didn't function as well as the old one. The one main road is the problem: it pushes all activity around it, which makes it just walking the same road back and forth all the time. A good game area would be roughly square with activity points all over it including in each corner.

Also one thing was disappointing: the only bunker in the game seemed to be the southern border crossing. And the points it collected didn't count for anything I guess? Would have been nice to see more tactical points; since overtaking them, holding them, defending them and the whole sub-game about collecting points is a lot of fun. Offers a way to keep score during the chaos out there. There aren't many other ways to keep score during the event.

Rain didn't matter. We had a stove in the tent =)
B12: Team Zerg - Black on Black
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