News Story: Fighting Special Forces with the Dolina Militia

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News Story: Fighting Special Forces with the Dolina Militia

Post by Felix » 27 Jun 2014, 12:34

News report

Fighting of Special Forces with the Dolina Militia was the most fun I’ve ever had

Let’s be honest, Lerando is a wild country. While it is ruled by The Ravens, many groups carry heavy weapons and drive armed trucks. There are various checkpoints manned by foreign mercenaries, most of them Russian. Safe to say the security situation is confusing, and haphazard, at best.
Dolina village lies close to the Raven base and is formally under the protection of the Lerando Republican guard and the Political office. With increasingly heavy fighting around the Guyana/Lerando border, the heavier forces are often occupied elsewhere, and civilians are at times left to fend for themselves.
Last night, it got so bad the people were given leave to defend themselves with any means necessary, and after two attacks by outlaws, several villagers broke out AKs and support weaponry. Around midnight, I was standing by a campfire with a group of militiamen when someone opened fire on us.
The villagers hit the dirt, and soon realised the fire was coming from the guardtower. Shouting; “Ravens?”, thinking it could be an accident, the reply sounded; “no!”. The improvised militia organised a counter attack, and in the midst of the fighting, one of them handed me an M4. While I had certain issued with shooting people, being a journalist, I had no qualms providing some covering fire. I can certainly say the exchange has been one of my most memorable experiences in Lerando so far.

In the aftermath, the fighters were believed to be GCT operators, on account of their uniforms. If this is true, it might be an instance of gross misconduct and violation of UN mandate by the GCT forces. It would not be the first time, last year, during a raid on the Iron Walls, GCT forces were confirmed to execute civilians outright, and their UN mandate was severely limited in response to the collateral damage.
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