Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 12
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Re: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs

Post by Felix » 27 Aug 2014, 17:35

Appleby, you totally made playing an (undercover) civilian a lot more fun.

At the beerparty, I discussed with several people the option of making a civilian village, or two, that would govern themselves. I think this could solve a lot of the problems experienced.

Its a bit harsh to expect people to play civilians under junta leadership, where they will have very little agency. While this sort of stuff can be a fun experience in a larp that is crafted to give people that experience, however, Berget is not that sort of event.
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Re: Living in Dolina Village :) PROs and CONs

Post by ganzknapp » 05 Nov 2014, 09:33

A bit late response but still....
This year we've been playing one of the few (if not only) REAL civilians- the cossacks (hunters in big red pants and fur hats). After our B11 performance as deeply undercover Serbian Taxi, we decided to start a game as real civilians, who don't have any hidden goals in the beginning of the game. Joining the conflict was purely in-game and explained by in-game events.
The problem is that there was nothing to do for the civilians. Hunting couldn't provide us enough activity to do it all game round (off course) and enough money to do anything. But after we joined all sorts of military activities becoming deeply undercover, we suddenly understood, that there is no possibility for civilians to spend their money.... The only place where we could do something was tavern. But it was not a decent place for spending resources. The great baartender was interesting to talk, but that is not THAT money-consuming thing.

We had a really interesting game and done several daring undercover operations that had influence on a game process (assisting ravens and Orlovs after all), but unfortunately we couldn't benefit from money we got. So, it would be interesting thing to
- (As many people told) invite LARPers. Maybe at a cheaper rate, and vreate a quests\tasks\missions for that part of players.
- Support tavern. The tavern owner should be exempt from any game participation money, and should spend everything on the assortment of goods. Probably some extra should be bought by BE.
- Encourage trade. As a cossaks we had an intent to sell cigarettes for 1-2-3 berget dollars per one)))) But 1 berget dollar is pretty useless amount. Even 10 berget dollars can't really buy you anything interesting.
- Increase respawn time. HALF an HOUR is too short amount to be concerned on staying alife. And that is bad for civilians. I would suggest having "fast respawn (05.hour)" for military personel during military operations.
For civilians, and soldiers not involved in certain large scale operation (like storming a border) it should be 2-3 maybe even 4 hours. Otherwise people have time to die, respawn, and continue whatever they did without really losing time.

A person on a car can get killed, respawn and still be faster on his mission than a footslogger who stayed alife.

All in all, the game was great.
Special thanks to Lerando Political officer and Bartender. See you next year.

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