Khorne Consulting Story

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Khorne Consulting Story

Post by ViskiNalle » 02 Jul 2014, 18:09


It is better to write the story here because I think its going to be a long one. I'll put the pros/cons last, so if your not interested scroll down.

It started last year few months after the last berget, my friend asked me to join their team because they got something really special coming. Last game was a bit disappointment so I though this might work and I told my friend that, Yeah I'm in. He answered me that we are going to be that intelligence agency and when the game started we were GCT Intelligence unit and our objective was to capture Rico alive. We all got to choose our way to infiltrate to the civilian population and I decided that our cover would be a consulting company that goes places where suits won't go. I recruited two gentleman's to my company and started to figure a name, it came almost instant, Khorne Consulting and I was Teddy Khorne son of Larry Khorne.

Because we booked our selfs in as civilians, after setting up the Red Cross camp, we moved already to the civilian camp and set up our tents and even builded a little rain shelter. It was tuesday night and we started drinking and offered some minttu and koskenkorva to freno and he already started the game by telling me that he can kill rico during the game and can also do some nasty things. Also he said his suspicious that i might be a little blue. Damn, he was already fishing :D It was fun though. I kept my cool and only told freno that if he can give us more money than Rico can we might take up on his offer.

Next day we just chilled and prepared for the game.

Game starts: We were asked to come and listen Rico talking and heard the national anthem of Lerando. It was pretty cool and the dude who singed it could actually sing. We then got our weapon licences and started to socialize with the civilians. I also asked first from the serif if he could get us see Rico. He told me to contact the political officer and ask him. I went to talk with the political officer if he could get me to see Rico because we wanted to build an alcohol plant to Lerando. Khorne Consulting had been employed by Koskenkorva from Finland to set up secretly a new plant to Lerando to make cheap booze because the taxes are so high in Finland. Still the first product would be Rico vodka. I could have had the time to make a real bottle with real label but it came in to mind too late so I drafted the bottle to my notebook. Rico vodkas back label would have read "Great leadership requires a Great Vodka" and some of Ricos "heroic" actions. I also told to the political officer that booze is not the only thing that we are selling because with building equipment we can bring stuff in and also export stuff. I think that was the hook that got me in to see the president next day.

Thursday: We started to do some recon about were we could build the plant. So we headed towards fisherman's hut because it looked like an ok place. The idea was to recon something else than the plant site, so during our walk all ravens, pmc and perhaps orlov movements were sensed to our HQ. When we reached to the hut we saw Freno and we purposed the idea to Freno and he told he can rent his lands and we can also cut down some trees. We also offered some compensation that the lake might be a little quiet during building. Then we headed back to the village to see the president and we wanted to take the shorts route but we were stopped by some Orlovs who were doing something suspicious at the crossroads. We asked if we could still walk through them but the answer was a strict no. :) well that information also went to our HQ that there is some deal going at the crossroads near dolina. We then walked back and saw freno walking so we tagged along. Freno then dropped out of character and talked about him being the UN commander and how he sneaked in some building at berget before. I laughed at the story.

We then started to think about the meeting with Rico and thought that it might be good idea to leave our weapons. We also left almost everything that might give away our cover. We were bit nervous so BIG kudos to Johan playing Rico. I said almost everything, when we went to Iron Walls front door the blood ravens wanted to search us and I was okay with it. Just us the blood raven searched me I remembered the american flag velcro patch that was in my right jacket pocket. It was in the phone pocket so I had a good chance not to be spotted. I was scared shitless when the blood raven search me but he then closed the jacket pocket and i knew I was safe. We then went to see Rico and for started we tipped one of the candles in the table and Rico answered only, "don't worry I do that almost all the time, specially with women". :D We then talk about the plant and I told Rico that this is only a international reason for us being here and showed him pictures of weapon cases and ammunition cases. I also showed him my old army video what I had done were a Leopard 2a4 is coming back from an exercise and its background music was the Rocky theme, gonna fly know. He looked interested and told his second in command that, "remember me to change the tune of the national anthem". :D He asked the ETA of the weapons and I told him that we could inform him later on the day. We then left and were bit happy to get out of there alive. We also reported everything we saw in there and the armband id of his second in command.

I think the clock was about ten when the serif came to talk with me that half of our operators had been hooked on smash and I needed to smuggle some drugs from the red cross back to the village. he gave me a Visa to guyana and told me that I have about 2 hours to come back here or they would all be dead. Well I started to move to the second border station to north near trading post and once i got to the border station there was no one there but ravens. They asked me why i was coming to guyana and I probably old them that Im join to guyana casino and i showed them my visa. I also told them about the plant and that I knew Rico. :) They just let me go and made me promise that I wouldn't tell any one that they were across the border. I could sen a txt message, so soon as I got to red cross I told immediately that there was some ravens across the border. I got the drugs and started to move back to dolina. Once i got to Lerando Orlovs mercs stopped me and asked who I am. I told them that I had been on Guyana casino and I acted like I was drunk as f***. They wanted to check my bag and I told them it was ok. I had hidden one pistol for the sheriff but never told them about it. I only told that there was some "candy", money and nothing else. They check the bag and told it was ok but they were going to take my money. I told them that I know Rico and he will get them killed if they steal my money, i got all my money back. :D

The rest of the day we just sat in the bonfire and listened some wild stories like 2 men 1 deer. :D During that story some italian gct guys ambushed us and then didn't know what to do with us. We just told it to the raven guy to continue his story and laughed to the GCT guys. :D Perhaps you should have rounded the group apart and keep your distance. Well they all got killed by knifes and pistols. I also got a new hair cut because someone shot me in the head. Luckily there was a medic who healed me.

Friday: Was the chillest day and nothing special happened exept an assassination, by me. :D I got information that the weapons deal was propably not going to happen because Berget GM, they just couldn't get what we needed. But again the sheriff came to talk with me and told me the General Commisar has to be dead ASAP. he told that I should go and smoke a cigarette and then do it. We talked little about how Im going to to do it and after 10 minutes it was on.

I had been telling the whole day about possible terrorists in the village I pointed my fingers on the bar man, tax collectors. I went to the generals table and told him that I have pictures about the terrorists. but I didn't want to show them there I asked if the general could come back to the tavern and I would show them there. Again I was nervous as hell, specially when the general took a bodyguard with him. Luckily the body guard was so close to the general that once I started finding the pictures from my phone i stabbed both of them took my pistol from my holster and shotted my self to the arm and started shouting SNIPER, MEDIC! Then everyone came and see what had happen. I was already in the ground and someone almost f*** it up by saying WHO KNIFE KILLED you! Luckily the general commissar was a true LARPer and said no one knife killed us we are just dead. :) KUDOS. I gave statements and plamed the bartender. Sheriff released me and everything was ok. Then I heard that the autopsy report was inconclusive about the dead and I might be the only suspect. I started thinking its my time to get the hell out of dodge.

I escaped from the village across the border and on the trading station there was Orlovs mercs. We had intel that Orlovs and ravens were very close to each other. I though now I'm f***ed. I started talking that I was going to build an alcohol plant to Lerando and I got shot in the village. I told them that I need to go to the red cross and help with my wounds. The commander Mishka Ul? started asking me about questions and we talked about 10 minutes. He then let me go and i was free. After few hours I wanted to know how much my bounty was and the serif told me that there was no bounty and I was free to come back. I returned with four fully armed gentlemen as my protection. But we got shot by some raiders. They had a mission to rob some civilians but they did not rob them they just shot them and then took al of their money. Never took mine. :D

We respawned from the village and then I heard that there will be a hearing about my situation. I took my guys to my tent and suddenly gun fight broke in the village. I gave the guys orders to raid the political bureau, but the guys went straight to ravens HQ and probably raided it. :D

I had previously got some alcohol samples from my guys and i took them to the ravens to give it to the president and see that we've had some progress about alcohol that would not kill brain cells. But the biggest problem was that one of our guys, or some blew up the ravens HQ. Well after that an angry raven came to the fireplace and told us that this would be a public execution. There was only GCT operators in the fireplace and the general commissar. :D Our team was the only one who got executed by knife kill. So that was the end of Teddy Khorne.

Next day i bought a ride for us to the red cross with cigarettes. And once we got to the red cross camp we heard that in 30 minutes we are gonna go and capture Rico. This was the one mission that I didn't wanna miss. So without any food in the morning we left and did a helicopter insertion behind enemy lines and set up our ambush. There was five cars coming and we thought it was the front recon. But actually it was the president himself. We killed the whole group and captured Rico. We got all of his money and once the president had been flown away we knew that the mission was a full success.

After the game I heard that Ravens had two missions for the day, go to some battle in the oil fields? or protect their president well you see know how it happened. The whole army was somewhere else and Rico got captured. KUDOS to the female who got Ricos heart. :D


- Awesome LARPing from everyone in the civilian village, specially General Commisaar. It must have been hard to see your assassin all the time but not say who it was :)
- Bonfire crew! what stories I heard and cannot unheard
- GCT INT unit, 22 men and one women. There is always a woman behind any action. :D Also the commanding part of our group, THX.
- As much it was fun to capture you Mr. President, what a role and how you played it. I was actually scared when I came to see you.


- Perhaps next game you could just let civilians be civilians and not give them any roles(hunter, fisherman). Just let them make their own roles and objectives.
- To other players (soldiers) don't be so hesited to just kill civilians, specially with out any reasons. You are not just killing for fun you are wiping a character. Although I wasn't a good guy with you, if we had been at our own tent we would have survived and you could not kill anyone on the bonfire. :D

- Teddy Khorne
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Re: Khorne Consulting Story

Post by Appelby » 02 Jul 2014, 22:46

I have been playing LARP long enough to know that if I said anything, It would ruin the game for you.
But I am still amazed about how long it took people to find out that it wasnt a sniper that killed me.
Even with the autopsy report I wrote that stated that cause of death was inconclusive.
I will put the Autopsy Report up later because I still have it.
It is rare to be able to write your own autopsy report.
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