A (Late) thank-you letter to all the guys in Dolina

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 12
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A (Late) thank-you letter to all the guys in Dolina

Post by MixedWithMadness » 14 Oct 2014, 23:10

Hi, im the guy that played Jack the Bartender.

This was the first year that i went civillian and i must say that you guys in the village, and i mean ALL off you, even the ones that just visited once or twice made my time this yea so worth it. It was a pleasure to interact with you and laugh att it on the way home. When i sold and bargained my way to a fortune and then got killed in the process you guys made it better then i ever could have expected, so thanks. Thanks Political officers who shot sallute when i was burried, sheriff and deputy, Raven who bought drugs, Ravens who bought the map and killed me (great RP ^^), Gravekeeper who burried me(and came up with the burrial ide), Frenno the fisherman who lent me tools to build tables, guys from UA17 who'm i accidently tricked, the guys from al kazzarh who'm i traded with, the guy from al kazzarh who was my bodyguard when i was hunted by ravens, the tax collectors who i cant thank enough for making sure the poker tournament when smoothly, the man and woman from the red cross, the shoe-shiner, the farmer i bought moonshine from(realy strong stuff), the hunter that i also bought moonshine from(even stronger stuff...) and so on. I cant thank you enough and i hope i meet you next year, and i will try to stay at the after party then. ;)

So know that there will never be a night where i dont have a good story for my friends at a bar. :team:

PS: did anyone capture me on video or picture? i would love the get those :) i have some and if people want to i can upload those
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Re: A (Late) thank-you letter to all the guys in Dolina

Post by Keea » 14 Oct 2014, 23:33

MixedWithMadness wrote:... the man and woman from the red cross...
We enjoyed you too, Jack! Hope to see you again next year ~
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