Chabrack ("Claim") Duel

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Chabrack ("Claim") Duel

Post by matte_wo » 15 May 2015, 20:02

Rules of Chabrack (“Claim”)

Chabrack, or “Claim”, is an old tradition, where any belongings (a piece of land, a house, a business, an artifact, etc.) can be claimed by another person in another clan. This is done by:
1. Asking for permission from the clan elder. If permission is not granted, one have to wait at least two days to ask again.
2. The Chabracker must find the current owner at the location for the claim and say “Jao Chabrack te boshkkâ" (which roughly translates to "I hereby claim rightful ownership of yours(anything)". The person currently having ownership must now choose whether or not they willingly give the ownership away, by just silently offering their hand for a handshake, or if they will be challenged for ownership. This is done by responding "Ney, te boshkka!"
3. After this, the rivals seek their respective clan elder, inform them, and a duel will follow, planned by the clan elders once per day.
4. Participate in a Chabrack duel in the Arena to determine ownership. The defender can choose not to participate, and instead either pay the Chabracker what he/she sees as fitting for retracting their claim, or choosing a champion (with or without economic compensation). The Chabracker can always retract their claim, whenever they want.

Rules for Chabrack duel
* Duel is fought with LARP weapons in the Arena.
* No physical contact except by LARP weapons is allowed.
* No hits to the head or groin are allowed
* Weapons may not be thrown.
* A GM functions as a referee
* The defender first chooses weapon, then the Chabracker gets to choose.
* Both contesters take their places, and the referee says “GO”
* Each contester has two hits. After a hit, the referee says “BREAK”, declare who has been hit where, and the contesters has to return to their places, and * wait for the referee to say “GO”.
* A hit to an arm or a leg, renders it useless. A hit to the leg (or foot) forces the contester to jump on one leg. A hit to the arm (or hand) forces the contester to use their other arm for the LARP weapon.
* When the same contester receives a second hit, the duel is over. The loser is considered to be “knocked”.
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