The IKAROS Corp Patch

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The IKAROS Corp Patch

Post by diamid » 11 Jun 2015, 23:17

Ladies and Gentlemen... and GCT.

In regards to the IKAROS Corp patch, IKAROS players have first right to buy. But don't think I will manage to sell all to only IKAROS players. Any extras will therefor be available to Civilian and GCT players (After the game of course), that would like it for memory or collection.

As we speak, we are slowly reaching the amount of sold patches needed to cover all expenses.
I plan that any profit, will be given to charity. Since I did not do this to earn money.
My plan is to give it to Norwegian Peoples Aid, Mine clearing project.

I will be at the Bear Party after the game. Cost will be 40SEK/4Euros.
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