The CP points

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 13

What did you think about the new capture point system ?

It was really good!
Good, but in need of some improval.
It was not god since i did not get login to the map.
Dont use this system anymore.
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Re: The CP points

Post by grasulas » 18 Jul 2015, 13:52

Ok lets speak about distances and handling respawn points, you have been playing in Poldavia faction during B8 and 9, why do you think there was no problem for Poldavian forces to cover that mountain it was the same bases layout with even more hostiles close to the city, maybe because Poldavians manage to control key respawn points close to the city with no special help or rules, why do you think back then was possible and now we need a special rule ?

If you`r theory is correct please explain me how at B12 GTC and friends have been unable to control anything more then 30 min above the border line .... distances or base layout was not a problem back then ...

And speaking of Mobile Field hospital at Berget games you can destroy it, is not invincible all you need is a BAV...

PS: BE use there trucks as choppers for ingame missions, except the night when we attack Ikaros base that was the only time when they pick up the "dead" people and bring them back to base.
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Re: The CP points

Post by Jack Scarecrow » 18 Jul 2015, 17:09

Well since red side had more players and closer to spawn and the home base it just seems more fair if blue side had gotten a spawn closer aswell to make the walking distance about the same for both sides. Having the smaller blue side walk further and having to go inside the woods when the red side had roads to most the CPs and alot more cars just made it harder on the blue side with more tired players.
For example walking to spawn from Krasnovo took about 5-10mins for red team while the blue team had about 1h walk back to their base to spawn. This made the flow of red players coming back to the fight alot bigger while blue players when dead probably stayed in their main base to rest.
But then again i guess that was good for the town itself that blues got pushed back so the town wasn´t under constant attack.
And i do not want berget to turn into a speedball game. We could just remove spawns and let everyone walk back to main base to spawn. But that still leaves the thing that red had closer and easier access to the points.
But i see berget as a game for all kinds of players as long as they wont ruin the game for others anything goes but i want people to take berget as a more serious game. Speedball you can do at the normal weekend games.

Also the fact that red side didnt listen to the rule not to attack blue base was kinda bad. It stopt the flow of GCT soldiers from going out on missions if they had to guard base or get called back to it to defend.

I do hope the team numbers can even out a bit more with both players, cars and bavs. Myself i don´t really care much about wich side i end up on but will pick wichever side suits my role and has the best access to larp. So pretty much i will go to the side who will ''defend'' the civilian town. But red side had alot more fun larpers and even larping commanders so i do like that side alot now. :P
But i will also try make side missions for the fractions to do if i get the time and an OK from berget to do so.
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Re: The CP points

Post by wormbyte » 18 Jul 2015, 21:13

Ok Corleone and Grasulas, knock it on the head lads, I'm getting fooking bored of reading your arguments.

Bottomline, you both have valid points, but I think Jack just summed it up.

Milsim or not, it IS a game, and games have to be BALANCED. When it comes to balancing then far more than numbers need to be considered.

Player numbers will have an affect yes, but so would the experience of the HQ crew. The number of vehicles, the number of BAVs available, the base proximity to strategic locations on the map. The terrain of frequently travelled routes, roads woods, vs hills vs flat.

I think careful thought needs to be given when considering CP location so that it's not just equal distances for both sides, but the terrain is also considered as the this could make the difference between a 20 min trio to respawn and a 1 hour. Such situations does not lead to a balance game and the affects of the overall game are very clear to now see.

Just for the record, I am in favour of the field hospital rule from B10. I like the idea of setting up a strategic respawn to support a key objective.

Now, Corleone and Grasulas...agree to disagree and move on, because you are both coming across like :wank:'ers and I know you are not :D
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Re: The CP points

Post by Corleone » 18 Jul 2015, 21:26

Yeah I'm all good. Maybe let people have the option of stocking up BBs and MRE/Drytech/etc. at the field hospital or a sticky spot, so they need not walk all the way back to main base for those errands.
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Re: The CP points

Post by Stelios » 20 Jul 2015, 06:39

I agree with wormbyte. As I stated at previous posts , my opinion is that we have to understand that here we have an airsoft game. Mil sim orientated yes, but we have to take into account the capabilities of the average berget attending player when designing. I am in favour of the closer respawn points. Name them field hospitals or forward bases , I don't care. We have to realize that people can't walk forever! Commanders need to have the ability to create a forward base of operations close to the target of their mission. This will provide reinforcements, every half an hour. Enough time for the. Opposition to react and destroy it if found unguarded.

What happened this year was to have huge distances to respawn and that only if you had the information that it is still yours. Like my team we were attacking uphill CP6 and respawn at CP5. This was 500m down hill and then uphill.
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Re: The CP points

Post by Helvetica » 22 Jul 2015, 23:09

I think it really depends on the storyline, to make up a proper respawnsystem. For example, like this year, where the Story says, GCT tries to invade Fadjikistan, it should be possible for them to make some Progress and gain some ground. Of Course, the ikaros will be able to kick them back from that ground, but with that, BE could Balance the game a Little bit by Setting different Goals. With another storyline, perhaps it wont be necessary (like last year)

But i think we all agree, that we had a great Time at BE and all just try to hepl BE to improve it (otherwise we would not be on the Forum here) Lets just look Forward to next year and hope, they will be a Little bit earlyer with giving informations :-)

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