IKAROS Patch Sale profits to charity.

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 13
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IKAROS Patch Sale profits to charity.

Post by diamid » 30 Jun 2015, 20:31

A big thank you to all who bought the IKAROS patch!

After exchanging the money in the bank, paying the company who produced them, a sum of 1500Nok/150Euros was left as profit. This will be given to the Norwegian People's Aid - Mine Clearing Project in the name of the Airsoft Community.


PS: Still have patches left if anybody is interested.
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Re: IKAROS Patch Sale profits to charity.

Post by ryu » 01 Jul 2015, 23:31

And a big thank you to you, for fixing the patches and handling the sales at Berget! :)
(and of course for giving the profit to charity)

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Re: IKAROS Patch Sale profits to charity.

Post by Jeep_Tom » 02 Jul 2015, 00:11

I forgot to buy a patch at Berget, I would like to buy one or 2 now if possible? Send me a PM how you want me to pay =)
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