Bad Company full summary and review

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 13
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Bad Company full summary and review

Post by seaQ » 09 Jul 2015, 20:25

Warning: This is a full summary and review on our groups (Bad Company) visit at Berget 13 (2015) and as such it is a pretty long read, however colorful pictures have been added to make it more pleasant!

Team: Ikaros, Hermes Transport (Mechanized).

Unit: Thor Company - All in all we were about 40-50 players with 10 cars and one tracked vehicle (BV206). In total 4-5 medium class vehicles and the rest was light.

Members of Thor Company:
Bad Company
Milf Hunters


Background history:
Yet another year has passed and Bad Company returns to the battlefield of Berget. Last year we played pretty close with the team GBM and for this year both of our teams got invited to play with Thor Company (Thanks!). During earlier years we have had the opportunity to play some small missions with these guys and they surely are as crazy thinking as we are (if not more).

At 2100 hours the game was finally live! All of Thor Company was already mounted and ready on the parking lot. Our first mission was to bring with us a recon team with some kind of boat and drop them south of the lake near Griffin peak then continue and set up a roadblock near Griffin peak.

At 2120 we spotted enemy vehicles which quickly backed away when they saw our 9 vehicle coming for them. About 5 minutes later in the middle of a turn, 2 of them blocked the road and our main vehicle started taking fire. We managed to eliminate one of the cars with BAVS and the other one withdrew immediately.


We continued to push on and when we reached the small off game zone we started taking BAVS hits. Stuck in the middle of the two off game zones it quickly became a cluster --- SPAM !!! ---. GMs came by and stopped the ongoing fights and deemed all vehicles/players okey again since they got destroyed within an off game zone. In the middle of this mess our rear vehicles offloaded the recon team.

About 2220 we started going forward again and at 2230 we reached our destination and set up the roadblock. One of our group members had his Dji Phantom with him so we took it for a ride and checked out the GCT base and the road outside of it. As we saw something that resembled a roadblock and a crowd we decided to push forward and go past the GCT base while hopefully leaving some bodies behind.


We blasted through some other Ikaros Mech element that seemed to have been taken out outside their base and continued past it all down to the main road. As we planned on turning around and going back we instead received intel that there was a fight near the Wind Turbine (CP #7). Our lead decided on going there instead to help and we started to load up and headed to krasnovo. When we reached the town we stopped there for a couple of minutes until it was time to head up to the Wind Turbine.

When we reached the road that headed up the hill we started taking fire from the woods but we kept on going until we reached the site. Everyone dismounted and started hunting blues hidden in the terrain. Unfortunately, our group only found one guy which eventually ran away.

At this time our second vehicle (GAZ) ran out of ammo and had to reload (which caused a couple of problems with the magazine feed). They sorted it out though while waiting for the points to become ours. When the point finally became ours we saddled up and headed for CP #10.

When finally there, we got held up by the rest of our mechanized also trying to advance up the hill. The battle kept going for atleast 1½ hours and was really nice. We slowly progressed forward but in order to do so we had to sacrifice a couple of vehicles that basically provided cover until it got BAVSed. It took us a while but we finally got the point and at that time we decided on heading back to camp for some sleep.

We got an early warning say that we were heading out at around 1020. After some delays we finally headed out at 1135. The whole coy turned towards the southern roads and we took some fire immediately (without returning any since the whole road now seemed to be off game). I shouted this out to some of the players via our PA system.

When reaching the two marked off game areas we stopped for a while and checked some blue stuff out we found in the woods. Also marked some ATVs with red taping telling them we had been there!


We continued to Griffin peak and stopped briefly to bunch up the column. Our plan was to go by the blue base and continue on to CP #10. The #1 and #2 vehicles in the column got taken out and at that time, the road was blocked. We stopped our car and pulled a smoke grenade which I planted on the outside of the car. I got out and into the ditch but only lasted for about 1-2 minutes. When everyone was dead we started to head back to camp.

After some rest and lunch we got a new mission. We split the platoon in two and the first and larger force were to set up a road block at the northern end of the road outside the blue base while the other group (we, including 1-2 vehicles) headed for CP #10. Either of the forces were to act as a QRF for the other one if things went south.

When we arrived at the base of the hill of CP #10 we started going upwards but quickly met some blue mechanized forces and infantry. We called to the other group for backup and continued upwards.

Half of our group got left behind as our more heavy armored vehicle continued up the road until they reached the plateau. The ones who got left behind managed to ditch the car when it got BAVSed and hide in the ditches where stayed until the rest of the platoon showed up. I managed to heal our engineer so he could start repairing our car. Funny thing about that was that he was on the other side of the road (behind our car as he got shot immediately when exiting it) so I had to get him from behind the car then run back again across the road. Once the others came, we mounted up and continued up the hill with the rest.


Unfortunately I had some problems with my gun so I stayed in the car trying to fix it while all of a sudden some blue cars started to come up behind us again. I got someone to fetch our BAVS grenade from the other car, which he actually managed to do. I started to fire against the other car and apparently so did he towards me. The sun however seemed to be saving us both from getting hit so after some 30 shots from my position I handed the launcher of to another guy which took it to some of others and they managed to get close enough to take out the car.


After a while though our car took another hit and with me being behind the wheel I considered myself dead. One of our guys had an interesting fight in the woods though and took out some 10-15 people before finally being killed.
While there, we had a hell of a fight which in the ultimate end got won by the blues, all of our vehicles dead and it probably lasted for 1-2 hours. At 1640 we were back in camp and ready for some dinner!

For our next venture our group decided to go out on our own. We wanted to capture some footage with our drone so we headed towards the road leading up to Krasnovo and when we got there our second vehicle started going up the hill while the rest of us waited down below. They got in to some contact which they pushed through up to the town. When turned around they started going down the road again and fired some more.


After a while the Ikaros tank started heading down the hill to and turned around when they got to the bottom. Our second car linked up with that and went up again. This time however, they got BAVSed and had to bail. Unfortunately they didn’t last long until they all were dead.

While they headed for respawn we landed the drone and started working our way up the mountain by foot and after some 30 minutes we reached our car. We repaired it and manned it while waiting for the rest to return. Once they did, we all headed up to Krasnovo, stopped there for a while then continued on to the Wind Turbine CP. We then RTB’ed through the woods to link up with the rest of our guys.

At 2330 an attack towards our base was initiated so we ran down to the observation points near the road and saw a platoon or more run into the woods. We agreed on a line formation and started to go deeper into the forest. We placed our line some 100 meters in and we got it down perfectly as the attackers walked straight in to us.

We got a few of them but they seemed to be way more than us (we were about 10) and after a while they pushed through. They didn’t get far however as the rest of Ikaros soon pushed the attack back.

After we had respawned and helped some more we could go to bed and rest before our retaliation on the GCT base.

Friday morning:
At 0900 our platoon rolled out of base and in to the forest towards the town of Krasnovo, since the main road still was destroyed. At 0920 we reached the GCT base and we stopped for a brief moment to decide on the best attack strategy.
Basically everyone was supposed to keep to the right on the road in case anyone got blown up so the rest quickly could pass and continue towards the base. We bunched up and rolled out.

When our #1 car reached the GCT main entrance the gate was closed and they said they would ram it. At that same moment they took a bavs hit so they backed up instead and the second car rolled in. The first car took more hits and exploded shortly after (apparently a GM had been there and took them out even before they had started firing the artillery (fireworks), I don’t know however if the second car got taken out the same way).

1 Minute later our whole convoy was burning as GM was putting down artillery and bavsed anything with a receiver. Everyone dismounted and headed up the mountain to right of the road and started going south. Our group headed furthest to the south and we soon found a spot on the road that seemed to be crossable.

We headed in to the forest on the other side of the road and found some of our own guys (infantry) so we started crawling up close to them and got as far as 20 meters from the GCT camp. We stayed there for what seemed to be an hour at least and I was about to run out of ammo when started losing to many to keep going and we soon got hunted down by the blues.

When all of us were dead, we headed back to base for lunch.

Corrupt police in Krasnovo:
At 1330 we headed up to the parking lot to meet up with the others. This time we were going to Krasnovo to set a new plot in motion. Since there weren’t much fighting going on we wanted to do something else and after some thinking we decided we would try to get the Ikaros Police seem corrupt.

We drove to town with a stack of money that one of us walked around with trying to find a police officer to show it to. We then took photos of this, so it would seem the police had given us money. We also got some nice photos of some town people “giving us” money.


We left things alone for a while and soon enough they started investigating this. They took two of our guys to interrogation and they said they had gotten the money from the commander, which was me. So after a while they came looking for me, questioned me for a while and then they dragged us all to jail.

Now, at the time, I didn’t really know what kind of a plot they had planned so I was completely unaware of what angle they wanted to project. I did my best to make up some story that was close enough to what they had already said. After some threats in the jail they got our commander to get there and all of a sudden one of the police officers decided to shoot me then knife killed me shortly after. They dragged me out of there so I moved to the respawn.


While I respawned they continued to question my people and our commanders. When I had respawned they wanted us to go to HQ and talk with them about it. So we mounted up and drove straight to HQ. The two guys that wasn’t killed went to HQ and talked with them and later when I hooked up with them at our camp, they were somewhat hiding cause the police was roaming around looking for them.

At the same time when I got there, Ford (HQ GM) togheter with some people from the police force came to our camp and told them they had to go to prison again while waiting for the trial to begin. Under gun threat, they took my guys to the HQ Prison while waiting for police transport to the village.

A third person in my group however had his hand in his pocket and refused to take it out and after some 5-10 seconds they gunned him down. While on the ground screaming of pain they took him with them. They never confiscated the radios from our people so we received updates when possible about what was going on.


While they were in prison, we took our car and drove to the parking lot and stayed there to keep our eyes on what was going on with them. The large truck had arrived at the prison and they were loading everyone up for transport in to town so we just drove after them. We parked just outside of town and walked in but at that time GCT was attacking from all angles.


At first we had trouble finding them as they were not in the original prison. Soon enough we found them in a temporary holding cell in the middle of the village. We closed in on it and carefully made our way inside. We stood there thinking how we would get them out of there and after some 20 minutes they played the “got to take a leak” card. We volunteered as guards taking them to the woods and when we were out of sight we took off.

Now, one of them got out this way, the other one had to go off game for food and other stuff but promised he would return. This never happened though as they later talked to GM again which basically told them that it would be better to just skip the situation and return to their unit. He effectively killed the whole larp situation we had created. This happened earlier as well, when he asked the police off-game if they really had been giving us money to kill civilians, information which he later used in-game.

Our third guy that got shot in base apparently escaped when the truck reached town as they arrived in the middle of an artillery strike and he managed to use the confusion to get away.

Friday evening:
Our whole evening was spent on waiting for the decision regarding the situation that happened near the farm in the off-game area, near Krasnovo. More information about this will hopefully be available here: viewtopic.php?f=184&t=8503

We spent Saturday morning packing up our things and most of us left around 1200. Some stayed for the final fight but as I left, I don’t have much information regarding that.

Berget this year had some fun but mostly that was because of Thor Company morale. After the base attack on Friday when GM intervened a bit too much we felt the game loosed its meaning. When they also killed the whole larp situation we started, it got too far. The BACS system is a nice addon but as many has already said the points should be included within other type of missions.

Härnösand is a really nice place for Airsoft. It’s close to the city which makes it possible to go off-game for forgotten supplies or just to relax and eat some real food. The Krasnovo city is also nice as it adds to the immersion, however the 50 houses that were promised were not really there.

Short feedback:
+ Gaming area
+ Water and toilets in Ikaros base
+ Ikaros base is a nice camping area
+ 1000+ players makes it possible to do lots of crazy things
+ Great weather
+ No cheating or very little of it this year!

+/- BAPS, great thing, too few fights in town to be worth it, price in safezone shop was ridiculous.

- Team balance (should be equalized during ticket sales)
- GMs intervening
- Off game cars on the in-game area
- Changing off-game areas during the game, this should be cleared up before maps are made.
- Random artillery strikes that was shoot on a timed schedule (according to GM).

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Re: Bad Company full summary and review

Post by Kii » 10 Jul 2015, 10:39

I with a squad of our two finest were the ones that stayed and fought in the final battle and for us it felt like that was one of the few major fights this year that was fair and balanced between the teams.

We moved around on foot for the last few hours, never staying in one place for longer than a few minutes, dodging enemy artillery and teaming up with random allies we found on the field. (Big props to the swedes we found on top of the mountain next to Krasnovo/ the village. Had some good times fighting with you!)

Aside from that there's not much to comment on as the final battle was much like the earlier years': lots of chaos, fights everywhere and the occasional friendly fire. ;)

All in all though, we who stayed are happy we did!
B9: BC Bank (Janco Civilian)
B10: BC Refugee / NAF spy ;) (NAF Refugee Camp Civilian)
B11: UA17
B12: PMC UNISEC Mechanized, Hatchet-4-1
B13: IKAROS Corp Mechanized, Thor Company, BC Car #2 (The GAZ)

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