For UPIR commanders and officers, platoonleaders and higher rank.
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- The opposition will be making HVT lists of high-ranking UPIR personnel. To counteract this, no mention of rank, platoon, task force, ... is to be made on the public forums or as a signature. Infantry and mech can post their unit names without any problem, shadows preferably not (I know the names can be found publicly on the ticket list, this measure is to make the presence on the forum less obvious).

- Posts on FB, instagram, twitter, ... hinting at BE-related trainings, tasks, pictures of special gear need to be heavily redacted or preferably not posted at all. Airsoft is a community, which means that many of our opponents are in our friends lists and can freely see our content. Keep OSINT in mind.

During the game:
- No videos or pictures are to be uploaded that can in any way shape or form disclose any information on locations, routes, base layout, ... Selfies with mates in front of a non-identifiable background and the likes are ok.
- Automatic logins for BE-related forums on tablets and phones are to be turned off. It wouldn't be the first time a tablet or smartphone fell into enemy hands, nor would it be the first time that illegitimate information is cheated in.

After the game:
No restrictions whatsoever, I actually prefer to share everything afterwards so that everyone can have a learning experience. Airsoft is a community, after all.
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