Armband Colors & Special LARP Rules Information

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Armband Colors & Special LARP Rules Information

Post by Berget-events » 02 Mar 2016, 13:48

The purpose of this thread is to make some things extra clear when it comes to Armband colors, and the special rules for LARP/VIP Players that you will encounter during the game. All to avoid confusion and possible arguments and make the game a better experience for everyone.


BLUE: NAF - Armed Military personel, Most likely armed and Hostile

RED: UPIR - Armed private military company personel, Most likely armed and Hostile

GREEN/WHITE - Civilians! These players may be armed, but will most likely not be hostile, and cannot be shot without good reason. Special Hit/Respawn rules ( See below )

YELLOW: Outlaws - Neutral - Possible Criminal Combatants , May be armed, may be hostile, but cannot be shot without reason. Outlaws are to be treated as normal civilians unless they act like combatants ( They refuse to follow commands/ They act hostile with weapons / They threaten the Life of you or other people ) Outlaws have the same respawn rules as Civilians ( See below )

PLEASE NOTE: You may encounter Civilians that suddenly go from having Green/white to yellow armband during the game, and this is to indicate that they most likely is a criminal outlaw and may be hostile. This change is only allowed by LARP GM, and the reason we try this during B14 is to make it a better LARP experience for everyone ( There are no Green/white undercover superheroes )

Civilian respawn, special rules

Civilian players does not respawn. Instead, special rules apply (see below).

If a civilian player is hit and bleed out, the player’s character is considered dead, and the
player requires Resetting. All intrigues, missions and gathered information is forfeited,
and the player has to start over with a new character. Civilian players whose characters
are killed are to proceed to Main Safe and make contact with GM’s. ( Only Civilians, Not Outlaws )

A civilian that is hit shouts “HIT” and pulls out his/her orange dead rag, lies down on the
ground and stays in that location. A civilian can also be hit by LARP weapons, like
clubs, bats, hatches, pipes and such. A hit player can always be moved/dragged to
safety by another player.

NOTE! HITs by LARP weapons only apply to civilians, and LARP players armed with
LARP weapons. A civilian character cannot be knife-killed!

When wounded, civilian bleed out time is 30 min (compared to the ordinary 10 min). A
medic, doctor or any civilian with a bandage, can Stabilize the wounded civilian, by
applying a bandage (which takes 2 min as usual). A wounded but stabilized civilian
may crawl on hands and knees. If not stabilized within 30 min, the character dies.

NOTE! Civilian players can carry a maximum of 2 bandages.
NOTE! Ordinary civilians cannot heal military players, but can give their bandage to a
medic. Civilian Doctors may treat Military players.

When stabilized, the wounded civilian need Treatment within 60 minutes. Treatment
can only be initialized by a medic or a doctor, with the right equipment.
Treatment takes 1 hour. The civilian receiving treatment must
stay lying down in one location (preferably the civilian hospital, or a field hospital, or in
the back of a vehicle). If treatment is not started within 60 min from stabilization, the
character dies.

After 1 hour of treatment, the player is considered treated, fully restored, and can
continue playing.

During night time (0300H-0900H), all civilians that are hit are to go off game immediately,
return to their sleeping area, and start treatment at the civilian hospital at 0900H.

The village if OFF-game 0300H-0900H

(example: Piotr is hit by a stray bullet during a hunting trip. His good friend Ramanov has a bandage, and stabilizes him within 25 min. Then Ramanov is hit as well. Piotr starts to crawl back to the village hospital, to seek treatment. After 20 min, a member of NAF finds him, and helps him walk back to the Village which takes 35 min. Piotr is in luck, the doctor is in, and he has the requierd medical supplies. Treatment is started, and Piotr rests for 60 min. He is then fully recovered. Piotrs friend Ramanov was also in luck. A UPIR medic could stabilize him wihtin 15 min. After another 35 min, UPIR forces are able to help the civilian back to a secure location, where a medic with the right resources, starts teatment. Ramanov rests for 60 min, and is then fully recovered)

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