For UPIR commanders and officers, platoonleaders and higher rank.
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Post by wormbyte » 24 Feb 2016, 17:02

Welcome to the NAF HQ private forum.

This post is purely designed to welcome you to the forum and to outline the purpose and use of this private forum.

I will be creating a news update thread which will be used to cascade information in one direction down to you guys in order to keep the information clear, concise and cohesive. If you have any questions from the messages I broadcast then feel free to create a thread to raise your question, and that the conversation can stay focus in each single thread.


This forum is for the officers of the Nordic Alliance Force, which includes unit commanders (commander of rangers and the commander of mechanised) as well as company and platoon commanders. If you suspect anyone of being present on this forum that should not be then please take note of the name and report the information to me.

We can not assume to trust the quality of the security within this forum so I will be keeping operational planning details to a minimal. Detailed briefs and discussions will be dealt with offline in a more secure environment, such as Skype.

The purpose of this forum

The main purpose of this forum is setup the organisation of the force, and other less operationally sensitive planning ahead of the game.

Basic structure of the NAF

As a high level structure you can think of the force as an Infantry battalion with support attachments from mechanised units as well as Tier-2 special forces (Rangers). Therefore I will take command of the battalion, so that all infantry company commanders report directly to me, as well as the Mechanised command and Ranger command.

More updates to follow....


Ian Wermerling
Commander of the Nordic Alliance Force
B6 - Platoon Commander (India 1st Platoon) - NATO
B7 - Company Commander (India Coy) - NATO
B10 - 3rd Rangers Commander
B12 - GCT Ranger Commander
B13 - GCT Para Inf - Company Commander
B14 - Commanding Officer of the Nordic Alliance Force

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