An update from your CO

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An update from your CO

Post by wormbyte » 06 Jun 2016, 00:06

Update 2016-06-05

We are now fast approaching the beginning of operation BE14.

Although I have been regrettable absent from these forums due to heavy commitments, I can confidently say that much of the organisation of the Nordic Alliance Force has been prepared, owing hugely to the efforts of Ville (L4gi).

This is the first event where Berget Events has assigned an overall player commander, and I have given a great deal of thought on how to best organise the command structure. I was keen to have a large number of direct reports so that I can better orchestrate the actions, rather than having 3 direct reports (mech, infantry and ranger).

As a consequence, I have taken the view that I am an Infantry battalion that has been assigned a mechanised squadron and Ranger company as an attachment to form a battlegroup for which I will lead as the commanding officer.

This will result in all infantry company commanders, the mechanised squadron commander, the Ranger company commander, and the HQ Platoon reporting directly to me as the Battlegroup CO.

So our organisation will consist of:
  • 1x Infantry Battalion consisting of 5 Infantry Companies
  • 1x Mechanised Squadron consisting of 4 Troops
  • 1x Ranger Company consisting of infantry, reconnaissance and sniper teams
  • 1x Long range recce section
  • 1x HQ Platoon consisting of 3 infantry squads along with HQ command staff
I am very keen to learn the lessons from previous BE HQ setups, and so as well as having the obvious, as 2ic/XO, I have also equipped the HQ with communication staff and intel officers. This will mean that I have an array of staff to handle HQ communications, as well as gather and process intel from the field in to something that I can use to coordination the action on the ground. This has been organised in a way to provide 24-hour HQ operations throughout the entire operation.

Other general information:

Our operating base will be on the far west of the operational area, located at GRID 33VXK 45655185.

Our primary objective to capture the oil fields which will be occupied by UPIR security forces.

Our secondary objective is to locate and neutralise the UPIR leadership who are in command of the UPIR security forces.

Our latest intel from locals on the ground is that small groups of UPIR security forces will have control of the oil fields in the operational area.

Radio frequencies are still being organised for our unit, but I have been informed by our signals unit that 15 frequencies will be available with the provided radio equipment that will be distributed to platoon and above command elements within the force. Radio call-signs are also being drafted and these will be disclosed during your briefings prior to the operation commencing.

I aim to start my senior command briefing as early as possible on the Wednesday morning, because I think it is utterly important that each level in the command hierarchy has time to digest the information from their briefings and to prepare their briefing to their own commander’s/team members. With potentially four layers of command to filter down, this whole exercise can take several hours. My aim is to ensure that every member of the Nordic Alliance Force, has been briefed and know what they are tasked with at least 2 hours before the operation starts.

Details on the base layout are currently being worked on which will ensure that all tents are pre-allocated to units which will help maintain a cohesive force in base, rather than individual units dispersed all over the base. Exact details on this will be provided closer to the time.

I would like to remind all medics to bring their own supplies of bandages to use with their squads. Simple white strips of cloth are all you need, but it is important that you have adequate supplies otherwise your capabilities as a medic will be massively reduced, and you won’t be good to anyone.

That is all for now, look out for further updates in the days ahead.


Ian Wermerling
Commanding Officer of the Nordic Alliance Forces
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Re: An update from your CO

Post by beast » 06 Jun 2016, 19:45

B6 Convoy Operations ->Nato India II
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B12 Lords of War -> CGT Ranger Bravo 4
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