Your best Berget 14 moment!

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 14
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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by wormbyte » 09 Jul 2016, 10:38

Another one from me was witnessing the sheer tenacity of alpha company whilst trying to take back the fuel dump which the UPIR had overrun.

Things got tense and with only 5 minutes to go, it was looking like we had lost it. But the guys fought back hard and took out the last of the UPIR attackers with barely 2 minutes to go, and the elation from all involved was immense.

A fantastic effort from both sides.
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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by mouse » 09 Jul 2016, 16:26

Best two moments:

2 hour sneaky walk through the forest(great contrast too walking on the roads all the time)
12 hour solo-recon mission. Left base 0000 made it across the map to Observation post 0400. Slept a couple hours and then started taking pictures and reporting enemy movements too Company XO.

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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by Hawkins » 09 Jul 2016, 17:20

I think it was day two, me and a friend were walking to our technical when NAF Mech rolled in. First time I got to use the Lawmaker in extent. Base responded to the attack, yelled orders to friendlies and one-liners to NAF Mech. Lawmaker worked, really nice surprise to suddenly see 6 cars rolling into the base. Priceless. Good fight!
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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by freno » 11 Jul 2016, 22:37

I had a great time all the time!
But still, there is something special:
When i knocked down the red officer inside our bar with his friends and robbed them for a couple of hundreds.
Then after they came to their sences, the officer "took back" his money, by a search. they found OUR stash with 7mill+... :oops:

He was SO furious about the situation, he complained and teached his soldier to search better... They hadn´t searched me as a V.P.... He did it for him self and found a couple of hundreds, but missed one pocket with additional THOUSANDS. Still he complained on his soldier who didn´t search me...

As a Berget-Vet, it starts to be hard to do something sneaky for me personally but something still works:
I was mostly by our bikes and the biker-bar, because most other was impossible for me. Then started both millitary-sides running around in the city, from time to time. Many other "vets/friends" stayed for drinks and friendly talk at the bikers-club. It wasn´t TOO HARD to get awesome pics of most of the officers on both sides! Some REALLY funny. SOULFORGE did something awfull to our lady FATIMA. ALL ON PIC!!!

Then we sold pics to both sides!!! Easy money for a desent job!!! :D

Thanks ALL for a great game!!!
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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by beast » 16 Jul 2016, 14:23

Being served from the blonde girl at blue kiosk.
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Re: Your best Berget 14 moment!

Post by Sentab » 09 Aug 2016, 21:53

Getting ambushed on that last foggy day. Two platoons on march to Town got ambushed right before the power-cable clearing. It was awesome. Total surprise. Bullets just sprayed from a dark forest, everybody lay down, shot back, saw nothing, got hit, then healed. A perfect counter attack from my fellow NAF soldiers cleared the forest so that we could move along.

Reminded my why I love this shit; and never want to do it for real.

Charlie Two-Twoooooo!!!! :lol:

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