Bavs 3.5 AT4 & New version of hitreceivers

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Re: Bavs 3.5 AT4 & New version of hitreceivers

Post by M.Koho » 10 Jul 2016, 21:39

Panzergraf wrote:Maybe the range of the AT4 could be nerfed, and a bigger, heavier BAVS TOW on a tripod could take its place as ~100m long range BAVS artillery?
Great idea! Maybe even remove the AT4 completely?
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Re: Bavs 3.5 AT4 & New version of hitreceivers

Post by Qwerty » 11 Jul 2016, 13:24

A sound or like 100lm light added on bavs weapons should not be a big thing to do but will improve balance a lot. Like told before, its nearly impossible to track where "rocket" or "grenade" came from in shady forest especially if truck engine is running next to you. Also realoading time should be longer. I'm fine if you set a nice ambush with multiple bavs weapons but one single AT4 destroying five vehicles in a minute? Not fair for me :wank:
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Re: Bavs 3.5 AT4 & New version of hitreceivers

Post by seaQ » 11 Jul 2016, 14:23

Panzergraf wrote:I've never heard any sound from firing or reloading a BAVS AT4, but I have only used privately owned launchers. Maybe they're not all the same?

A more noticeable firing signature would be appreciated anyway, it it's technically possible.
Im only talking about the new rental AT4's with the really big lens. They made a sound when shooting and a sound when reloading. Reload took 1 minute and you had to press a button during that minute else it would start over.
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