Feedback and debriefings from Berget 14
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Post by NightSinner » 17 Jul 2016, 14:22


- Great Ranger leadership (Thanka to Eero, Pasi, Mikko, Henri and many many more)
- Great comraderie between the Rangers
- A proper well run Blue HQ (one supreme commander is the way to go!)
- The Blue base (a lot better than the red one)
- Good BE staff


- Chroning & Checkin (I mean wtf?!? You've had 14 BE to get his part nailed down and you know how many people are expected. 2 hours to chronic isn't cool)
- Better maps, makes them almost pointless as they aren't to scale
- Make sure people follow base/tent setup. So units can be together.
- Better Ranger missions, infiltrations, blowing up vital points etc.
- AT4s - whilst I can fully appreciate they aren't easy to make, if you offered a better price or even possibility to rent more people would get them and in turn Rangers could be more efficient. Not everyone has grenade launchers on their guns :(

All in all. Thank to BE for an awesome Berget and getting a handle on balancing the teams, and as mentioned before an awesome Rangers Command and NAF HQ

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Post by Verage » 17 Jul 2016, 22:49

The AT4s were Very powerfull, There should be a number of shots per at4. That cant be to hard to program.
You can carry bavs in standalone bloopers too, if you cant mount them on your rifle.

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Post by Sentab » 09 Aug 2016, 22:28

This was my first Berget and it was super great!
I played as rifle man in NAF, Charlie 2-2.

Impressed with:



Base layout.

Leadership; as a member of Charlie Two I really appreciated the leadership from Squad Leader to the highest command via company and platoon command. To have one leader at the top for all NAF (inf, mech, ranger) work out well I think.

Off Game parking.

The foul mouthed drill sergeant with a Texan accent that was merciful enough to dig a dich around our pitiful tent in the middle of the night in pouring rain. Great effort, priceless rant, epic laughs. (has anyone got that to put on YouTube?)

Could be improved:
Chroning; put up more stations. Have a person walk up and down the line to inform that Berget Event will provide the BBs to chrono with.

Tent; waited 4 hours to get a tent pointed out and placement within it. Apparently someone had mistaken what allotted tent had been given to them and taken up space in the wrong tent. Thank God the weather was sunny and blue skies and everybody was super nice and helpful.
Have a tent-dictator on site the first two days; bestowed with Godly power in regards to tent placement and ready to strike down with furious anger upon those who put their stuff in the wrong tent.

The Armbands.

I read some about pros and cons regarding base-attacks;
The base-attacks that I experienced was fun.
Getting base defence duty was nice, a good shift from the long range patrols. And with HQ being a target it felt as a big responsibility. I got some of my best action when they attacked our base.
Enemies should not be allowed to enter tents (already a rule I think?)
No shooting into or out of tents (already a rule.)

Big thank you to Berget Event, people who took command positions high and low, and to all you great players on both sides.

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Post by Moskus » 20 Sep 2016, 03:51

vinni wrote:
I know the story that the blue team was kind of coming to the land what was already conquered by the red team, but c'moon please don't let them make ambush for us in our home door the only road you can get off from our base. Not cool at all.
In order to simulate the UPIR forces already in the country, we were allowed 100 guys in the field at 1900 (that's leaving at 1900, not taking post at 1900). We deployed 1 infantry platoon to the Specksta fields in order to hold it and establish a base of operations for the main force to reinforce, and 2 Shadow platoons and a motorised shadow QRF to delay the NAF force and ensure our guys would get to that 1 infantry platoon before the entirety of NAF would :P

The 2 Shadow platoons took up ambush/defensive positions on the route leading to town and the motorised QRF took the job of delaying the mechanised, which is the ambush that you encountered at the road (we nicknamed it 'the anus').

I have no idea why you were supposed to hide your weapons (maybe if you were planning to roll through town?) but in my opinion an UPIR presence in the field is something to account for, especially if the story allows it.
Yes, and we had regular meetings and planning. Though I admit it was not the easiest tent to distinguish from the others.
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