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Feedback and debriefings from Berget 15
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Kartoon » 05 Jul 2017, 20:55

Finbat XO here, wanting to give my 2 cents before officil AAR.

First of all, I've had a 4 year break since my last berget game. Thanks Olli for asking me to join once again, the gme did not let down.

FinBat base was a challenging area to put up BE tents, but for a lone group of isolates soldiers, it was in a great location. No showers needed here. Only con was our motorized company had nowhere to keep their cars, so they had to camp elsewhere.

All in ll the game was nice and the fighting was fierce. As 2nd in command I didn't expect to get much action, but leading by example aways suited me, so I ended up in many rough situations. Thanks for the red arm bands for putting up good fights! Thank you for the blue ones for trusting me to make decisions and executing my orders to the smallest detail. I wish to be able and would be honored to lead the way in future games as well!

As for the much discussed negotiations in the village: Loved the video on YouTube, lol! I was baffled when Olli shouted "here's our negotiator" referring to me but hey, lets do this. Everything was already explained by both sides but It was a nice and tense situation taking blackbeard as "leverage" in the so called negotiations, after pretty much none of our demands were met. I ended up wounded inside the village after I saw some mercs open fire from the ingame tents towards our guys closing in from the northern woods, I just wouldn't let that happen and after a fast excange of fire everyone was patched up and our mission could continue. Was good fun and was nice talking to you guys(mercs) while we were waiting for our helo rides to arrive! Good sportsmanship and a nice LARP element for anyone who can appreciate such a thing in an airsoft game. I can!

Thank you again to everyone and see you again!
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Arginj » 06 Jul 2017, 11:49

This is the second Berget for me (attended last year’s Berget as well), and I played on the UPIR side.

Here are my 5 cents:

* Good game area with a lot of roads for mechanized players and no off-game civilians driving on the roads like last year
* Smooth check-in and chrono process compared to last year which took ages
* Overall good attitude and fair play from all sides
* Clean toilets
* Always fresh water at hand
* Nice that you can buy food and snacks at the kiosk, but please make sure to support card payment or Swish next year

* Many incidents with a certain unit of NAF players: 1) not calling hits until a whole magazine is emptied on them and they actually see you pointing your gun at them; 2) two second heals; 3) over shooting like crazy – even though I was waving my arm and had a death rag I got shot multiple times (this happened several times, and not only to me). Also, when sitting INSIDE a vehicle some maniac snuck up to me and shot me even I was clearly dead, eating candy in the passenger seat; 4) players shooting way to close for their FPS level which ended up in a lot of blood and shouting from our side
* Seemed like some players got to start playing at 7 PM, but no information was given to us in UPIR about why so we at least knew about it
* Thursday’s breakfast came in way too late (around lunch time). When we asked the kiosk staff if we could have a burger instead they said no and told us it is too expensive. I mean… come on… Instead we had to drive to ICA and buy our own breakfast. Not acceptable.
* The base for UPIR was too crowded which had us too spread out – Thor had to stay several kilometers from the main base, and we had to dig for an hour to get a somewhat flat surface where we could raise our tent.
* Since our base was so spread out we did not have an organized base defense and got raped several times
* The NAF base was, according to what I saw but please correct me if I am wrong, partly surrounded by a fence making it harder for us to sneak up
* Our BAVS unit did not work so we had to drive to safe zone to have it fixed
* Our fixed BAVS unit broke down later on, but we could fix it ourselves
* One of the 40 mm grenades we hired did not work in our grenade launcher since it was an old design according to Berget Crew – however, they told us that since we did not have a real grenade launcher their grenades would not fit since there are different diameters for real guns and soft air guns… What…? We play airsoft. With soft air guns. And thus, their grenades should fit. Eventually they fixed it though, so that was good.
* BAVS worked poorly during sunlight and way too good during night time
* Poor information about the in-game map where you can see the status of the CPs. Sure, it was printed on the leaflet in the spawn points, but why not add this information in the guideline given during check-in?
* One guy in our team stepped in someone’s shit in the woods. If you need to take a shit in the woods, please dig a hole or at least cover it up.
* One unit in UPIR (will not name them here) made up their own rules and thought they could do whatever they want and sometimes showed a bad attitude to teammates

Now I know that I have written way more cons than pros. However, keep in mind that many of the cons are either connected to certain players (i.e. not the fault of Berget Crew) or minor incidents/issues. Overall, I had a really good time and I certainly will join next year!
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Tiger_1 » 06 Jul 2017, 14:23

First things first, a great thank you to all NAF Mec players. It was a privilege to lead you all.

My first berget since B10 in a command role, stepped in at Ian's request, and I hope people had a good game.
This was my 11th berget, and great to be back on B8 ground. Love this area (and yes, last time I was inf so I know all about walking around it).

We ran with a 3 platoon setup, lead by some great platoon commanders who followed the overall plan, and improvised when needed. Great working with you.
NAF hq was run by guys that took the time to make a over all plan of action, meaning our units work if not together, at least against the same objectives. And I also believe inf/Mec cooperation was better then ever this game. So a great shout out to the hq crew that made this possible.
We had some great moments, some boring moments, a rather scary moment, but most of all fun moments during our game.

Would advice future use of the MT-LB 's to be linked to a safty plan that included lessons identified during this game, so we can avoid problems in the future.

People need to use the berget interactive map, know the spawn rules, and not respawn at points they can't. If you don't hold a sector, you can not use any of the two points!

A shout out to the red unit that ambushed mastiff 1 at cp 7 on Friday. Great play, from my death position next to my command car I could watch my guys getting suckered in, at the same time I could hear you guys plotting their downfall. Just remember the spawn issue from above next time guys.

Overall a great Berget, looking forward to the next one

Mastiff 9 out
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by L4gi » 06 Jul 2017, 14:47

Big thanks to all players for a great game, definetly one of the better Bergets out of the 9 I've attended.

Initially I was supposed to just shoot some people, but due to Ian having to drop out due to personal reasons, we agreed that I would step in and take overall command of NAF. This happened approx. a month before the game.

Special thanks to everyone in the blue HQ as well as all company, platoon and squadleaders. You guys are the people who make the game happen, the grunts look up to you for an example, and this year I think we managed to run a very cohesive unit that followed chain of command. This makes the HQs job easy, when we make a plan and people follow it! Hopefully everyone(especially grunts!) felt like the HQ was there for you, and saw that if you had an issue, in most cases I would take care of it immediately.

Hopefully all of you blue players managed to read the NAF Times we printed out 1-2 times a day, as we tried to ensure all players(and not just coy commanders and up) have an idea of how the missions are going, and how each platoon/coy contributes to the overall situation.

The way our HQ was set up this year, with my XO Obi-san being incharge of tactical planning and our Chief of Staff FeD being incharge of base defence, let me concentrate on organizational issues, player problems and also getting out on the field. Our HQ managed to destroy like 15 vehicles inluding the tanks a couple of times, which was great. :D

The weather was fantastic, first time since B7 when it was super warm during the day with no rain. Lets hope for more of this in the future.

Thanks again, had a surprisingly good time in the command role, so might consider doing it again. :team:
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by M.Koho » 06 Jul 2017, 16:08

Somethings I mostly hear during the game since I was in HQ 90% of the game. This is from FINBAT point of view.

-FINBAT base location was not studied properly before the and some stuff (aggregate, tarps for HQ) were delivered very late, because of that we had very little time to prep the HQ and people. But thanks for quickly delivering the stuff when we told they were missing!
-Civilians and village, mostly the location. As civvies were on very edge of game area most of the people in Recon Platoon did not get to see it. In Härnösand area village is in the middle and kinda is the beating heart of the game even for people who don't enjoy LARP. Also very little civilians this year, probably because village failed to attract them.
-Game balance was not one of the best but still manageable.
-There were no backup missions as FINBAT (and NAF) was very quick in completing the first one.
-Mercs were not really there to larp and did not honor the rule about 10 minute bleedout when we tried to get prisoners even for a short interrogation.
-FADs should have used the same capturepoint system as last year.

Now to the good stuff!
-Toilets were cleaner than usual which always nice and helps people to play longer as no one gets sick because of poor hygiene.
-Chronoing and checking in worked better than ever.
-Sollefteå town is really nice, ate a very good pizza at Cajsa's after the game!
-Whole of FINBAT worked really nicely.
-Everytime I met Berget Events people I got very good customer service even though they did not always have answers for my questions.
-Confession box at shrine.

For me, one the best Bergets. Thank you all!
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Miksu » 06 Jul 2017, 22:08

My third Berget I participated in and the most boring one of them. Feedback from that will be sent directly to Finbat commanders so no more about that in here.


1. Chronoing was fast and well organized. Just bring longer green zip ties to HPA chronoing point next year. They should be long and small so they will fit most regulators with tournament lock over them. Also consider the tape sealing I mailed you guys at BE, it would fit at least all Wolverine regulators and probably many others as well.

2. Toilets were much cleaner than last years.

3. It was possible to get almost every place ingame zone with car without using the public offgame roads, and the points where the road turns to ingame there was no fear of being ambushed immediately.

4. TOW's were nice add to the game. But since I have been trained to use a real one I would like to see them also in forest where you could have it a bit hidden. Now I saw them only on top of the cars and they were easy to find and destroy since the vehicles were big and easy targets in most cases.

5. Weather was better than expected, even tho some rain would make everything suck like it does in real wars also :mrgreen:

6. Was nice to see Rich from Wolverine Airsoft at the off game area, hopefully we see also some other owners or sales mans from other companies in future.

I don't know is this pro or con thats why its here in the middle. It seems that the locals were not informed about this size event well enough if at all or then they didn't care about us. But I believe they could prepare better if they would know much earlier about this event. Like Härnösand MacDonalds had Berget menu especially tailored for us. I believe some local places could make also some menus or small discounts for us. For example giving 10% off from some burger menu in Sibylla by showing the game wristband would increase their income for sure. Think about it :)


1. Berget still rent those old bavs 40mm grenades that don't fit any grenade launchers we had. We tried at least three different manufacturers and models but it will not fit none of them. Please if you still rent those make sure to inform the customer about the issue they might have before the payment is done. It feel a bit like a scam when you keep getting those year after year and they never fit. I highly recommend not to rent them at all because when they don't fit the tube they should be used with, ppl will use them with their hand and thumb...

2. Please print more maps than people have ordered in ticket booking. We asked them Tuesday from check in, they told us that they cannot sell any maps since they don't have change cash and/or credit card payment terminal but the shop will have them and they can sell us one or two. Shop told us they don't have any and we can get them from check in... Later the shop told us that they will get maps tomorrow so come back then. We come back tomorrow and they told us that all the maps are sold out (if there even was any). In the end BE HQ was able to sold us couple paper maps and almost mistakenly map with some type of Upir intel on it since they asked which side we play and when we said NAF they told us that its probably better not to sell this one to you and searched the blank map for us :mrgreen:

3. Toilet paper. There was clearly not enough it... In Upir base since their mechanized units keep coming to main safe and taking the whole rolls of it from toilets. Not my problem tho, I have always my own :mrgreen:

4. Safety distances were not appreciated at all. Ppl shooting full auto with 130ms guns way too close especially in the dark and in and near to stronghold.

5. Got shot many times by own team mates. I don't know is that because their trigger finger was too sensitive or because they didn't recognize my uniform to be in the same side (I used full multicam). But hopefully some level commanders or leaders would teach how to recognize the own units from enemies a bit better.

6. Stronghold kind of didn't have roof, but sometimes it did... Ppl keep shooting over the wall but climbing up to jeeps roof and trying to occupy the stronghold from there was not allowed, throwing grenades over the wall in the stronghold was still okay. Try to decide is there a roof or not. If there is no roof then the jeep trick should be ok and if there is roof then there should not be anyone shooting out over the walls. Also getting shot from less than 5 meters away from the stronghold with full auto assault rifle make me not interested to go in without full face protection...

7. Ppl abusing the weakness of stronghold construction and shooting blindly. These holes seem to be made by stabbing with a knife, hopefully BE Staff will make the shooting windows next year out of 1 cm thick hardened steel... And permanently ban players who make or use these holes to get the advantage over other players. Like the stronghold would be otherwise too easy to occupy from outside Image
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Hypokondrikern » 12 Jul 2017, 12:02

Another berget behind us, for me the seventh so far. Here are my thoughts from the UPIR-INF-side:

# Just like the rest I was much favour of the new chrono-station. It went smoother than ever before.
# Toilets, I usually develop a special metabolism during these events and don't take a dump until after the game. But this years hygiene actually spurred a certain acceptance from my buttocks.
# Great organisation at the home base, easy to find tent and people were allocated with their teammates from the start. No spreading around and having to run around half the camp to get your comrades.
# Check-in at the base.
# The game area - thanks for letting us return to this place.
# Game balance. Best balance so far but not saying it cannot be improved. Anyway, a step in right direction. ( Loved the change in ownership over the fort - something that seemed to happen on a steady hour-to-hour basis)
# Camouflage rules - yes. Finally a clear distinction in the uniforms between the different teams. ( Although I'd appreciate a banning of some of the middle land colorations to keep it a strict Woodland vs. Multicam. )
# The dynamics between vehicles, infantry and fortifications seems to have found its sweet spot.
# Ghillies and 3D-camo restricted to snipers on one team. This made it easy to determine that fully camouflaged players were the enemy/friends depending on your side. This was a huge problem before when ghillie-guys popped up in every squad on both sides + sometimes wore their armband on their feet. . .
( please keep this rule and keep respecting it - don't show up in a viper ghillie hood as infantry )
# The berget T-shirt looked O.K

# The team-distinction is a ever returning frustration and charm. Stalking on someone for an hour only to realise it is your teammate. But I have never taken so many team-hits at any Berget. I'll wear my armband on head and feet + backpack next year. Maybe even in a brighter nuance as this trend of picking the darkest shade of blue and red only makes both teams walk around with what looks like black armbands. Lets make an effort as players and organisers next year. One idea could actually be to change the colours.
# Injuries and drama. I have never seen so many injuries at any previous Berget ( or any other game for that matter ). Blood running from foreheads, broken knuckles and marbled bruises from LMGs. I brought grenades, a shotgun and a pistol along for that intense combat around the fort, but ended up staying in the woods after seeing the wounds of some players partaking in the CQB-combat. Please respect each other and the rules! And don't argue, curse and scream at each other on the field. Especially not if you are dead - people get caught up in the mess, confusion arise, blames, fights, ignorance -more injuries. ( The players who need to hear these words will probably never read this but I need to ventilate my frustration )
# I was a bit upset over how many people that seem to have written their own rule-book.
# Medic bandage. A gift wrap string is not a bandage. Although I felt wrapped up.

# But foremost - The trash. Keep it tidy in base, don't leave waste in the forest, mark your dump ( + dig it down ! ). And another thing - it is fine to shoot thousand of BB-bullets into the forest but dumping half a bag on the ground is not. Continue your use of Bio Bullets. I still see some participants taking lightly on this rule. Your kids will not.

Thanks for one of the better Bergets.
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Miksu » 12 Jul 2017, 21:24

One pro that I forgot to mention before was the Patch/T-Shirt logo, it was actually very nice this year. I hope it stays in field friendly colors in future since carrying your red berget 13 patch is not an option if you are even in the base. At least its not for me, since it works like a bb magnet in case of base raid.
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by ViskiNalle » 13 Jul 2017, 17:45

Thank you for the game it was different this year. Slept 4-5 hours per night just because needed to be in the HQ during the whole game. The feedback is the end of the post.

The story:

I was playing as the CIMIC officer in NAF because before the game because we planned that there would be civilians living in the NAF base like the story said. At the start of the game there where no civilians living among the NAF so my job was to help our two intelligence officers and write the NAF times newsletter. Because the game was set up in that way that we had to suggest being sieged at the start of the game so I stayed the first night at the base. We should have had full field hospital unit so I heard that our field hospital unit was only one dude :shock:. I got contact with the dude and said to him what his job is and it might get boring. Also where was our actual base hospital, only thing we got was transportable field hospital which we established near our base.

I met the first civilians around 2 am first night and got some information of the village, who was living there and how it was set up. I had the chance going undercover but because there were about 11 civilians in the village I realized that going undercover would be useless. I would probably get shot at first sight entering the civilian village, just because I know how airsoft larpers work. Only way to successfully go undercover is to start the game at the civilian village.

Next day we completed our main objective which was the rescue of FinBat. It took us under 24h from game start to complete it. Next we focused on the civilian village, first time(Thursday evening) we tried to get there, our main force took hold of the village and one vehicle left from our main base towards the village. In that vehicle was 9 stars of HQ(NAF CO,XO,CIMIC), 20k of berget dollars and our only field hospital. Of course we got ambushed by a squad of mercenaries and we all got shot. The funniest part was that the mercenaries did not have any idea who they shot. They never came to check. :D :D

The second time(Friday) we got safely to the village, finbat and bravo cleared the village and started the negotiations with the mercenary faction about using the southern road through the village because that was one of our secondary objectives. I came in a bit late to the village just at the start of the clearing of the village. We captured one mercenary commander which we thought was the actual faction leader. I knew that the mercenaries were group of families that came together like mafia. We could have imprison them all but that would have ruined their game and they would have only been a random fighting force after that. So I decided that leave them be and we will try to make a deal with them so that they could only shoot reds. We struck a deal after clearing the village and were neutral again. After clearing the village we figured out that there were actual 2 civilians in the village rest were dead or red undercover. We changed our ROE against the yellow to "shoot only if fired upon".

It took only 2 hours for the cease fire and we changed our ROE to "shoot everyone other than blue". We came to this decision because in our eyes we had saved all the actual civilians. The rest were fishy or red. At that point my game kind of ended and I was just a intelligence officer.

The feedback:


- It's always a pro that there is a possibility to play in this scale of a game in Northern Europe.
- I see this as a pro that by the way it looked everyone of the blue side was enjoying the game which meant that the Blue HQ were successful.
- Nice to see friends from different countries and make new ones.
- This years t-shirt is actually something that I would wear.
- Actual missions!
- Finally sunny weather all game.
- Game area!


- Field hospital unit: COME ON! I felt really bad to tell the only player in this unit, "that hey you would probably have nothing to do the whole game". Luckily he had a good attitude, but where was our actual base hospital?!?!?! I know that some players did not come, i heard that there were suppose to be at least 5 players in this unit. The only player sat in the sleeping tent almost the whole game because about 15 civilians came to our main base. 9 of them were mechanics(one needed help), 3 random civilians snatched during the rescue mission. The enemy had a psyops unit(dont know the numbers but saw pictures from the field that it was an actual unit) and field hospital unit should have been the blue response to that. Each team should have had their specialized intelligence unit because in the real world everyone has one. Stop doing these 100% defensive hospital things. I dont know if the players who was in the field hospital reads this but I'm sorry if you did not have anything to do.

- The game setting: Just make a simple civil war story were the other one is funded by west(blue) and the other one is funded by the east(red). They are equal in force and equipment. Then stack the civilians in the middle of it and I mean in the middle. Make an actual reason for them. After we had evacuated the civilians we did not have any use for the "newly born". Also was it suppose to be that when the civilians got to the blue base we should have just evacuate them and their character would have removed from the game? As a larp airsofter I know how much this pisses me off if my character is wiped from the game at the start. I could be cool idea if the civilian could choose his/her side during the game and make the ultimate decision once(wearing that teams uniform). I know that 40-50 does not have massive impact on this scale but it would actually make both sides figure out how to handle the civilians and actually use them information wise. This would also allow civilians to play the normal airsoft larp game and participate in the "last fight" as part of the bigger group not just do car bomb attacks though it was funny when then Finnish civilians did it in the last day.

Berget is not a village simulator its a war simulator so getting information from the civilians is important. You could also plant secret missions with the civilians which would make working or talking with them actually important and not just to shoot them on sight. We had about 60+ thousand berget dollars but no one wanted any money except the Finnish mechanics. I know many players just come to enjoy shooting but for the few that want to do something extra this should be handled. Also let both teams start at the same time, this years scenario made NAF battle plan really easy to execute. It would also be nice if both main teams missions would be against each other all the time and not just on the shooting side. It looked on point of the HQ that the enemy team was not ever present with their full force when we were doing something really important. Because I think this is what almost everyone is wanting for berget is really big fights! We accomplished almost all our missions on the first try!

Also the game did not follow the actual story at all, like I said in the story part where were the civilians that were suppose to start their game in our base?

Still this was one of the better bergets I have attended! \

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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by fruhest » 16 Jul 2017, 08:59

B2fox wrote: Also thanks to the two drunken UPIR's that manned the bar.
That mas massive fun!
See you all, next year :D
Haha that was me and my 2ic! Yes, that was probably one of the best moments this year.
That and the fact I managed to convince a NAF officer to sneak out of NAF base, walk the entirety of the way to the village to come drink and do coke with me. Shame he didn't live to tell the tale to his colleagues.

I also got to stab Spike for double-crossing me again, which is a big plus.
L4gi wrote: Middle of the game, due to some failed UPIR mission, we got intel that there are no real civilians in town, and that all people wearing civilian armbands are either enemy sympathizers or UPIR psyops agents. Arradin was the one who gave us this intel, and we checked with him about our change to the ROE, reply being "its up to you" basically. This on top of continued hostilities from yellow players ended up with us going from "only return fire" to "waste the motherfuckers".

The wolf bites back when you mess with it enough. ;)
That's really weird, because all civilians were in fact not psyops agents. I should know, I appointed them.
What really bugs me about hearing this is Arradin had told us that if we sent too many messages through that chat (which I did, blame me and stress), you guys would be able to pick up and read the messages that had been sent through that chat during that day, and nothing else.
Really bothersome that you were informed who my UC agents were, when two of them hadn't even sent any messages through the chat that day at all. :wank:

All in all, this berget was a mess for my part.
Earlier years the PsyOps part has been woven in with the other branches, i.e. infantry, mechanized, and hasn't consisted of more than maybe one or two groups. That has worked well in the past, and I can undertand that it might seem like a sweet idea to take it further since there has been requests for more LARPing among the soldiers.
This was not the year to make that happen, though.
With only like, one or two civilian players registered, there simply was not enough LARPing opportunities to satisfy that many people.
It being my first time playing as a commander, that was really frustrating since I had four groups of people who I felt I let down since I had nothing to send them on to get them what they booked for in their tickets. All I could really do was send my guys along with the other infantry since there was no larping for them to have.

The fact that I was allowed to appoint 3 undercover agents months before the game was to me an indicator that "wow, they really managed to get a good village going", but apparently not.

If berget want there to be more civilian players in such a huge airsoft game, they need to make those tickets way more appealing to the larpers.
The problems I can gather are:
1. Ticket price
I don't know if civilian roles got their tickets any cheaper, but the price really needs to be lowered for people who attend to play a civilian role. They are bringing so much more value into the game as a whole, and frankly, the appeal of there being LARPing opportunities that do not simply involve the old boring merc spiel about "give us money and we'll do this/that" is what make me come back to berget time and time again. I would not pay this kind of money for a 3-day sunday game with just shooting.
2. Ways to get there
For most people I've talked to who were somewhat interested in coming as civilian roles, the problem aside from the ticket price is to arrange a somewhat easy and cost-effective way to get there. Maybe berget can arrange buses available for booking between the major cities (i.e. Stockholm, Gothenburg etc) and the game area along with the ticket booking?
A berget-bus would in my opinion be a pretty neat way to travel to game and get the hype going, and hopefully be a simpler alternative than all players who don't have ingame cars to either rent cars or try and find people to hitch-hike with on the forums.
Yay, airsoft!
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by wormbyte » 16 Jul 2017, 11:09

I did not actually attend the event as I had to pull out a month before. But being appointed to the role of Chief Commanders of the North Alliance Forces gave me quite a lot of insight leading up to the game.

But the one thing that frustrated me during the run up to the game was the inconsistency around the story. As far as I am aware UPIR Inc was a foreign company that was being used to extract oil from the oil deposits found in Nordmark. But the process of oil extraction was damaging the local environment, much to the frustration of the local population.

Because of this the government tried to bring an end to the UPIR contract, but UPIR would not stop digging, and when threatened by the Nordmark the UPIR then brought in their international PMC unit to protect the UPIR oil workers while they continued to dig the oil.

I never quite got that part of the story that was introduced last year. Surely UPIR would have been providing Nordmark with the extracted oil? This story kind of suggests that the UPIR was selling the oil themselves and profiting from the proceeds.

This year followed on from the story in that suffering the defeat the last year, the NAF was on the run. One group became cut off from the main body, and therefore the main body of the NAF had to break through and rescue them.

So how did this turn in to a civil war?
Why does UPIR think they are liberating the country?
Why does UPIR think they are protecting their citizens?

How did this very simple story get so misinterpreted? How did it get so warped in to something which has nothing to do with the original plot?
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by fruhest » 16 Jul 2017, 12:50

wormbyte wrote:As far as I am aware UPIR Inc was a foreign company that was being used to extract oil from the oil deposits found in Nordmark. But the process of oil extraction was damaging the local environment, much to the frustration of the local population.

Because of this the government tried to bring an end to the UPIR contract, but UPIR would not stop digging, and when threatened by the Nordmark the UPIR then brought in their international PMC unit to protect the UPIR oil workers while they continued to dig the oil.

I never quite got that part of the story that was introduced last year. Surely UPIR would have been providing Nordmark with the extracted oil? This story kind of suggests that the UPIR was selling the oil themselves and profiting from the proceeds.

So how did this turn in to a civil war?
Why does UPIR think they are liberating the country?
Why does UPIR think they are protecting their citizens?
Honestly as far as I've understood it Nordmark sold off those lands so technically, they belong to the UPIR corporation. Also, NAF sorta did some airstrikes on the civilian populance. That tends to upset people.
Granted, it wasn't on their own people, as they had already sold the land off, but still on a civilian village.
There have been a few incidents of civilians being shot on sight by blue soldiers, and then there was that one leaked video of a blue soldier quite brutally executing a mercenary with a knife, with other NAF personnel cheering her on. No idea what that was about.. 8)
How did this very simple story get so misinterpreted? How did it get so warped in to something which has nothing to do with the original plot?
Honestly it can probably be summed up in:
"Wait, aren't we supposed to be the good guys?"
"Yeah, but you fucked up"
Yay, airsoft!
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Bort » 17 Jul 2017, 18:19

Well, I wanna do it more the short version:
I loved my platoon... 4 nationalities, 6 or 7 different teams but one common higher goal. Thanks to Lima 2 from UPIR Infantry and our HQ staff.

What did I miss:
More information about the position of other platoons. You got them while at the hq, but no more later. I know radio comm doesn't work fairly well. But WhatsApp was not the solution to replace it.
When we arrived at a mark, where others were sent as well, we never knew anything about their status - point already captured, help needed, if so, where? Things that for me did not work so well. I am not sure if radio comm. would have changed this a lot.
Interaction with other platoons when arriving at a specific point.

Problems that I think should be improved by the berget crew have mostly to do with friendly forces:
We set up a shooting range, since this is at any game a good place for a lot of people to adjust Hop Ups, test magazines, or just tinker about, in the close area of the UPIR HQ, of course first we asked for allowance of the HQ as it should help all people. We were very happy that it was widely accepted. A lot of people used it then.
Plan such a shooting range for future games, my people arrive usually early and will assist you with this of course again! We will report in to HQ for assisting Berget Crew and HQ with small work of course.

I don't like the test fire rule, but it is the best solution for so many participants. At all, doing this in the woods is quite ok as well as doing it at the end of the base. Doing this in the middle of the HQ is just simply stupid and should be treated harder (harder is a good word, since usually nothing happened from my point of view). Even shooting into the air. Some people were shooting in the air in front of the hq, me 15m further holding a can heard a *bing* of lower impact speed. Later I found the BB at the bottom of my food. That is not the very big problem, since the bb is light weight and comes indirectly. It is getting more awful in the next point:

Building a shooting range with cans in the middle of the base. With participants behind that cans and shooting at the cans. This should lead to a game ban and Berget Crew should use this rule, since it is just really stupid. And as I heard those people were not only told once to stop that.

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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by jdoe » 18 Jul 2017, 21:25

A big Berget Event for me. First one in 5 years, first one where I was just a regular soldier and not in leadership and most importantly, an anniversary game! 10 years since my first one and I was really glad to be back!

We had a terrible trip to the game, mainly due to car trouble (gas pump failure near Umeå in the middle of the night) but as always, you just "soldier on" and suck in the positive morale of your team-mates. I did probably seem somewhat stressed to some people and sorry for that. I wasn't sure if we had a ride home until Friday, so I know you understand.

I was part of the Close Protection Team for FinBat commander. And boy was it fun! We saw less action, but as always, I enjoy seeing the big games from the perspective of the HQ and that is what I got.

I had no problem with any of the UPIR or Civilian/Merc players, it was all fun to play with you guys. Heard some rumors about trouble and fist-fights, that's always unfortunate, but didn't see or experience anything myself.

On very important point of feedback to the crew;

Chrono-BBs. What were they? I keep getting these very weird results from your chronoing, year after year. This time, I saw what it was about. I had about 10-20% less MPS from the chrono, compared to what I KNOW my guns actually give. I've always had somewhat lower results, but this time it was really big. But I didn't bother to start sorting it out at the chrono-site, since things were going so smoothly and it was great in that sense. But When I got back to base, I took off my upper receiver and took a look at my barrel, wondering if it was dirty. And I saw a BB, hanging half way in the feed pipe. I had to force it down to get it out, so it must've been close to 7mm in diameter.

Seriously? Why would you chrono guns with that kind of stuff? And since this has been the trend in all the Berget games I've attended, and all my 3 guns shot well under, it wasn't a matter of a single faulty BB.

I know BBs are expensive, and you need to be cost-effective choosing the brand, but PLEASE, choose better in the future! Would hate to break my gun because of bad BBs, forced to be used by BE to chrono my gun. Another thing is, this does make me NOT to trust the chrono results and markings on any guns in the event. Which is a very bad thing.

But that was the only really bad thing towards BE, otherwise things went as usual, good and accordingly. And even though you don't order the weather, it was nice too ;)

So, thanks to all FinBat and NAF, thanks to UPIR and Civvies/Mercs and BE for a very enjoyable anniversary event! I will be back, hopefully earlier than 2022 this time...
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Re: BE 15 feedbacks

Post by Team Vanguard » 19 Jul 2017, 22:27

Speaking from my whole team, Berget 15 was our least excited one so far. This was our 4th Berget always played on the UPIR side. Last year was maybe the best one for us. Meanly because of the LARP part. On Berget 14 there was a great village with real buildings. On the following list a summary what we were missing this year.
  • UPIR Base was located like nobody cares where UPIR shit the place around. It had to less tents and where spread out too widely with a result that we had no single natural cover like water or rock.
  • There was no noticeable commando structure or any other leadership on UPIR side. We miss Rico! While Milsim’ing your motivation rises when someone is yelling at you to move your ass out in the field to battle for a better world.
  • Mechanized had no reasonable effect in battles because we were blown up the moment we arrived at a battle.
  • The stupid Checkpoint 10 as fort was so hard to capture it wasn’t even worth trying. We were prohibit to shoot over the wale, we cannot lift the shooting openings, and we where not allowed to throw grenades over the wall.
  • There was no real town with buildings and a crossroad to it. And we haven't seen any civilians that act like there really live there.
  • Our commanders even shot each other for fun and then cried for a medic, that’s the leadership and example the UPIR had to deal with.
In general Berget 15 was just a bunch of Airsofters camping in there camp and maybe sometimes get some shooting in the field. There were no LARP missions, no great organized battles, and no leadership at all and no sparkling fight motivation on the UPIR side. Which was already started because we had to deal with too few tents and had to figure things out by our self’s.

We hope the organization will bring these things into the next Berget, which we have doubts about to participate.

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