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Information and discussion about the upcoming Berget 17
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LARP Information and Discussion

Post by Arradin » 28 Oct 2018, 13:16

Hello everyone!

This is for LARPers to discuss the upcoming berget game 'Operation White Lizard'.
Non larpers are very much welcome to join in on disciussion aswell as i know for a fact that many Airsofters love the larp in berget games, even if they are not directly involved.

For Berget 17, our goal is to make the game even more detailed and fun for the people who decide to go into LARP teams.
The improvements are made by having one Crew (me) 100% dedicated to LARPers and smaller missions, without being tied up as a Team Controller aswell. This will means that we hopefully have more detailed missions for all teams this time around.

The Larp Teams of this year are as follows:

- Civilians/Locals. This faction is for people who want to create their own role, Lawyers, Security Company, taxi drivers etc. You make up your own role together with BE Crew, and get your own unique missions and goals within the game.

- Police. Civilian Police force tasked with combating the local gang(s). Hardcore LARP Group who goes into the game with the purpose to LARP as cops, as Close to the real thing as possible. Alot of LARP , and alot of action , but not much Milsim

- Local Gang. Ruthless local gang heavily into drugs and kidnapping for ransom. LARPing a criminal at its best. Not much Milsim, but lots of ACTION.

-110th Special Investigation Unit. Military Police unit. Will have special Tools to gather evidence and track down missing people for their Mountaneers to rescue. Will have many coop missions with Civilian Police against Local Gangs. This is for people who want to LARP as police, but also want MIlsim.

-Scorpions Dont want to spoil too much of the story here, but these are simular to the last couple of years Mercenary Units, just slightly more chaotic, more aggressive. This is a good mix of LARP and Milsim. Will have alot of Coop missions with the Local Gangs.

What i would love to hear from you guys are your ideas on what kind of missions you would like to see within the LARP.
What makes something sound extra fun to you, and what would you look forward to, coming into the game?
Please send ticket & payment questions to: