Civilians now acting as Mission Givers/Triggers

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Civilians now acting as Mission Givers/Triggers

Post by Arradin » 20 Feb 2019, 13:13

Hello all,

Based on the feedback from previous games, aswell as in our " What kind of Missions do you want " thread currently running, we have decided to add some depth into the mission system by adding missions that doesnt come direcly from BE Crew to the HQ, but they can instead be found in the game area by either finding random objects with instructions on them OR by interracting with Civilians (Any player with Green/White armband)

This will work as follows:

You can run into random items on the game area that has printed instructions on them that you can choose to follow. It is very important that you do not remove/tamper with the item in ways other than what is printed on the instructions.

Examples (Taken from last game)
Large Wooden Crate with red stains on it. Laminated A4 on top of it Reading:
You see a large wooden crate with red stains all over it, looks like blood.
RED PLAYER: You shouldnt touch this but you may tamper with it by adding or removing any items around the crate. Tampering with the scene may leave evidence leading towards UPIR.
BLUE PLAYER: You can pick this up, but it will render any evidence useless. If picked up, transport to HQ or Police. If you dont pick this up you may report the scene to the police for a possible reward.
CIVILIAN: You've Heard about this, you know what this is, and it scares you. Report this to the police as soon as possible!

This mission was mostly between Civilians and Police, but red had standing side missions to distract the police by any means possible from all and any investigations, and blue had options if i they wanted to support police or not.

Example 2:
Toy Snake sitting on top of a small laminated paper Reading:
CIVILIAN: If you can read this, it's too late. You have been bitten by the venomous snake, and you are now in extreme pain! Scream Loudly!. You speech is slurred, you can barely be understood. You have 1 hour to get the antidote which can be found in the hospital. In 1 hour you will become paralyzed. 10 minutes after you are paralyzed, your character is dead. Pick up snake and note Before proceeding and give to GM Once completed.
RED/BLUE: You can chose to ignore this, unless you are SCORPION/110th. In that case, follow steps above.
DOCTOR: Give antidote which has an immediate effect, and turn in Snake and Note to GM for Reward. IF BITTEN YOURSELF: Follow steps above, you can not give antidote to yourself, and you cannot instruct someone on how to do it by voice.

All Civilians (that want to) will either have missions that they can give out to players, or be part of missions in one way or anther. Sometimes both.
The missions Civilians will have will not be for everyone, so you will not be able to get something from everyone. One civilians have missions for police, some have for RED or BLUE, some for both etc etc.
These missions will be created by BE and instructions will be very specific from BE, these missions are to be considered official missions. Consider them " side quests " from the gaming World. All these missions WILL have effect on the game as a whole and give penalties or rewards depending on the outcome.

Example 1:
RED Team is looking for a civilian named Petra. They ask all around the village, and end up in the BAR. Barkeepers may know who Petra is, but they have no interrest in helping RED right now, since RED team block the BARs dilvery of Alcohol. When RED players ask for Petra, it triggers barkeepers to give them a mission to clear a road for delivery trucks OR to Escort delivery truck tru Another part of the game area.

Example 2:
BLUE Team is looking to identify members of the local gang to help the Civilian police. When questioning someone they suspect is a gang leader, Another civilian is triggered to give them a mission about a possible kidnapping in Another part of the Town. They can chose to ignore this mission and get possible bad press and civilian complaints, OR they can leave the suspect and investigate the kidnapping.

Example 3:
A civilian is wandering next to the road. If asked how the day is going, it will trigger the civilian to give the player a mission to help him fix his car that has broken down further down the road. If assisted, the team get the location of an abandoned airdrop the civilian spotted earlier.


Civilian trigger missions require that your team/group is in good standing with the Civilians.

We hope that this will make Civilians feel more included in general, and it will give all players more of a reason to explore all the areas around the map and talk to people they run into.

If you have any idea of missions and Scenarios, dont hesitate to write them up, we may use YOUR ideas :)
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