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Clarifications - Open Fires

Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 13:58
by Arradin

Since there seem to be some conflicting information earlier about Cooking food and open fires in general, i figured it needs clarification:

This year there is NO Government fireban, which means that our normal fire rules applies as follows:

- All kind of cooking tools are allowed as long as you never leave them unattended
- Campfires or any other open flames that are not contained in commercial items may only be made in pre-approved spots in BASES ONLY. You must have berget approval before lighting an open fire, and you may NEVER light a fire in the woods - Only in base areas.

Even if there is no fire ban, and forecasted quite a bit of rain the week before the game, the area may still be very dry.
As usual, we ask players to please respect 'allemansr├Ątten' , and that you are well aware of swedish laws.

Hopefully this leaves little to no questions regarding fires :)