Do *NOT* Remove Props from game area!

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Do *NOT* Remove Props from game area!

Post by Arradin » 15 Jun 2019, 13:48

Hello all,

This year we will make extra effort into decorating the game area with props relevant to the story and missions.
There will also be alot of random items and mission that may not be for your team, and therefor we kindly ask everyone:
-Do NOT move/remove props in the game area unless you have a specific mission for that item!
-Random items that can be interracted with by your team will have clear instructions on them.

We have had alot of feedback from players that love to run into random things where they dont expect it, so we will try more of that. but dont remove the items, so that the next person can experience it too.

These kind of items will be moved / Removed by BE During the game, so you might run into something friday that wasnt there thursday etc.

Thank you! :)
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