Want to LARP? Cant make up your mind? ROLES NEEDED!

LARP Discussion for Berget 17 - Open for everyone
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Want to LARP? Cant make up your mind? ROLES NEEDED!

Post by Arradin » 06 Nov 2018, 21:56

I know a TON of you are interrested in LARP and want to do it on Berget, but you dont know where to start and thing it require alot ( or anything at all? )

WRONG! You need a great attitude and an outfit or two, and you're set! Bring out the inner Roleplayer!

We have alot of fantastic roles coming to Berget 17, but there are still some key roles that would be great to have - Maybe some ideas for you to make up your mind? Keep in mind that all Civilian roles have 50% off their ticket ;)


- Doctor
Need i say more? People get hurt! People get drunk! People get bitten by poisonous snakes(!) - We need a doctor or two! Doctors heal and respawn players twice as fast as medics.

- Judge
We have a Civilian police force that are well known for falsely arresting people, and searching thru their cars and homes without probable cause!
The judge will decide if a person is guilty or not, and you will also be the one who sign arrest warrants, search warrants etc for the police.

- Lawyers
Want to be a nail in the eye with the police and any other groups who misstreat Civilians? Want to make A LOT of money? Look no further!


Repairmen will be able to fix any car or road or structure twice as fast as Engineers. Dont expect to have alot of free time, All sides want your services! There will alot of... "random" malfunctions or vehicles.

There is nothing fake about this taxi, unless you are police and find some white powder in the car. Totally legit businessmen only.. Because everyone hate walking!

-unnamed illegal stuff
Anything that has to do with weapons, drugs etc - You will have a great time running from the police and always looking over your shoulder!

Who doesnt want to be the big boss? Collect rent from Citizens, make the laws of the land - Be nice or be a dictator? Well it depends on you!

There are also a ton of more ideas that will be updated here.

See you at Berget 17! it will be fantastic!
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Re: Want to LARP? Cant make up your mind? ROLES NEEDED!

Post by igariokas » 24 Feb 2019, 21:30

5 cents from me. You definetely need mailman, who will deliver newspapers and letters. and subpoenas after the judge issues those.

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