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Semi sniper

Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 20:33
by Magne
Have never run this kind of weapon, it states "not an m4 with scope" if you have a heavily modified Ar15 base, semi only...a No or can I check with somebody if it's OK ?

Re: Semi sniper

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 09:58
by Losolos
i think that is difficult ... no mp5/uzi/m4/ak47 with scope is in the rules as you mentioned.

Save is 7,62mm replika or caliber above !

I will use a G&G TR16 MBR 308WH at B18


Best way is send a picture to BE and get a go for it :)

Re: Semi sniper

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 10:54
by vinni
I'd suggest a full length rifle with some extra whistles and bells to make it reciognisable as such, by example:
- proper bipod (instead of a grio-pod)
- perhaps a fancy stock
- pretty big scope

Although a 7,62 is also a good one as Losolos stated.

Re: Semi sniper

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 13:49
by Arradin
No, an ar with a Scope is not considered a sniper rifle

Re: Semi sniper

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 14:31
by Magne
Copy that Arradin, figured it would be the answer...but one has to ask. Thank's for the input Vinni and Losolos as well, but I'm building a pretty high tuned Wolverine MTW...and they only come with AR upper/lower reciever yet :D I promise that I will reach out far and touch someone with lower Joules as well. :lol: