Feedback - Bases/Logistics

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 17
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Feedback - Bases/Logistics

Post by Berget-events » 29 Jun 2019, 11:15

Please give us your feedback on this years bases, and how they can be improved.

This include sleeping tents, Kiosks, Toilets and general logistics

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:

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Re: Feedback - Bases/Logistics

Post by V-22 » 30 Jun 2019, 13:10

TFC(Blue) Camp

There was improvements from last year:
- Charging station was inside a tent and that made it more organized(Should have been a sign, wasnt easy to see when the flaps were closed)
- There was more stuff in the kiosk. Nothing beats a warm toast/burger after a long day of fighting.

Toilets,water : Only feedback i got is that we got everything we needed.

Tents : There was a mess with the lists again this year, eventually Company/Platoon command was able to get most of the Platoon into one tent.
I understand people show up on checkin and announce that they suddenly wants to join mechanized or a different Company/Platoon or even switch sides and that makes thing difficult.
My suggestion is to simply get the original number of players that each Company/Platoon has and sign over a set number of tents instead of having playerlist for the tents.
That way we wont end up having to search 3 different tents to find every member of your Platoon when you could easilly fit all 24-26 players inside 1 tent.
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Re: Feedback - Bases/Logistics

Post by AceCunow » 30 Jun 2019, 16:36

Thanx for the feedback on logistics and base functions.

Regarding mess with tents. I honestly dont understand.
Every tent was marked with a list of players 25 maximum in each) tent placement for soldiers was made by 1 company then platoon sorting. Only exception was Bravo company and Mech that did not have this sorted when the lists wher printed.

So that being said. Each tent has a maximum of 25 places. We dont get a tent per platoon or company or even dedicate them to that way. We get a list of how many has orderd a spot. Devide that by 25 and you have the amount of tents we get. Therefore there is a chance that a platoon or even a company might have to share tent with another company or platoon. There isnt a surplus of tents so we all have to share. Now i fully understand and agree that it would be easyer if we cud give a nr of tents to each company. But with given surcumstances its impossible.

I was personally on site monday and put the lists up. There was even a list and a map made for finding your given tent. We had plenty of extra room.

Regarding marking the tent with Charging. I see your point and understand. Note however that we wasnt supposed to get a tent for it. I offerd space in our briefing tent to charging. We can ofc have made a sign afterwords. It was however a massive improvement from last tear when we even didnt have a charging place besides hq.

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Re: Feedback - Bases/Logistics

Post by vinni » 05 Jul 2019, 18:39

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