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This is berget!

Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 21:36
by Berget-events

Berget-games is the continuation of the annual events organized by the company Berget action events AB. Berget is an airsoftgame for anyone who loves airsoft beyond Speedball, like authentic military feel and props. Participants work together in teams and each team has a military structure and overall objectives that the participants must follow.

During the event, you have the opportunity to experience firefights with hundreds of players at the same time, military bases, attacks on vehicles convoys and maybe even Airsoft tanks fighting.

If this is your first Berget-game you need to read carefully all the information on our website and read the Veterans corner in our forum. If you have problems working with others or dreams about shooting non-stop, we ask you to go to a local weekend game.

The tickets will be sold at a discount at the first release and following this tickets prices will increase at the end of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

In the safe zone you will find airsoft related companies showing and selling a wide array of weapons and gear. After the game has ended we will hold a beer-party so all of you can mingle while swapping stories from the game.