Berget 7 - the movie

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Berget 7 - the movie

Post by Berget-events » 30 Sep 2009, 13:07


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Post by M.Anthopoulos » 30 Sep 2009, 14:35

Very very good! :)

Edit: What is the name of the song which is played second?
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Post by jurgen975 » 30 Sep 2009, 16:42

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Post by Radar » 30 Sep 2009, 21:41

Good action filled movie! ^^
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Post by Crapgame » 01 Oct 2009, 00:11

how nice that i could contribute with some action..3:40-3:43 hahaha
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Post by skarpskyttar » 01 Oct 2009, 00:24

who is the guy who runs straight into the house wall at 4:10? xD

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Post by Brujo » 01 Oct 2009, 07:20

To be honest I didn't like the film, no insert lasts longer than one second, might aswel make a film from pictures...
at least it didn't steal much of my life :D

Being there is definately better than the film 8)
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Post by Hellhound_Uk » 01 Oct 2009, 15:06

I managed to make an appearance :lol: I think it could be the first video prof of me actually airsofting anywhere... EVER :shock: . 5:04 standing behind the grinning KJSaw after taking out the tank that attacked the NATO base :x

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Post by Igby » 02 Oct 2009, 21:47

I was there too, behind Kris

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Post by Quintus » 03 Oct 2009, 15:24

Very, very, very good video, guys! :wink:

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Post by Shooter » 04 Oct 2009, 19:34

Really nice video, a bit shorter than the previous movies but still a magnificent peace of work, can't wait until next year. Seems like a good scenario there as well.
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Post by Garga » 05 Oct 2009, 13:02

AWESOME !!! :lol:
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Post by johny_blaze » 05 Oct 2009, 13:28

Nice, but yeah most of the inserts are a bit too short
M.Anthopoulos wrote:Very very good! :)

Edit: What is the name of the song which is played second?
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Post by Baron » 06 Oct 2009, 09:30


where's the fire in the belly that just makes me wanna turn time forward to Berget 8????

As someone mentioned, it looked more like a few seconds frames with no story. B5 was brilliant aswell as B6 filming. But the B7 was a bit of a let down. The beginning was more than alright with showing the bases and the music fitted nicely, but than everything that was nice vanished into a blur of images.

*side note - Liked the first song, didn't like the second song, however, I loved the ending song :D*
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Post by Cruchot » 20 Oct 2009, 20:14

Baron wrote:but...but...

*side note - Liked the first song, didn't like the second song, however, I loved the ending song :D*
The first song is "Rabid dogs" Marc Streitenfeld from the motion picture BODIE LIES

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