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Re: Berget 10 - Pics & Movies

Post by elanaiba » 08 Dec 2013, 22:49

I don't own any Systemas but I know a couple of people that do and noticed that people tend to buy the Super-Duper-Max something version and downgrade the "useless" red cylinder instead of buying another cylinder for lots of money. Makes sense to me to be honest.
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Re: Berget 10 - Pics & Movies

Post by Shorty85 » 09 Dec 2013, 10:17

People get fired up easily :D

I own a Systema myself and i know there are several ways of downgrading and upgrading for that sake..

I ment my statement purely ass a joke, but i know there are several FPS cheaters on Berget. A friend of mine got shot in his RS Eagle plate carrier on B10. The BB made a hole in the cordura...
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