[S]: GFM Engineer & Sapper Unit Ticket + Extras

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[S]: GFM Engineer & Sapper Unit Ticket + Extras

Post by Switchback » 31 Dec 2021, 06:26

Hello Everybody,

I've decided that I will not be attending any Berget events for the forseeable future so I'd like to sell my ticket.

My Ticket for sale includes:
1x Berget 18 Ticket
2x Berget velcro patch
1x Team Armband
1x Deathrag
1x A3 Game area color map (water / ripstop proof)
1x Food Ticket (Lunch & Dinner 5 meals)

I will sell this ticket for €140, through paypal or similar payment method. You are basically paying for the ticket, but getting all the extras free (including a meal ticket!).
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