S: BAE Systems Advanced combat helmet (ACH/MICH) MD

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S: BAE Systems Advanced combat helmet (ACH/MICH) MD

Post by Kartoon » 02 Jun 2009, 20:00

Here I have for sale a great package.

The helmet is matte OD painted with a barely used 4 point chin strap system. Size is medium and that's why I'm selling it. My 60 cm (not going to convert it for the metrically challenged) head just happens to be a tad too big to fit this helmet comfortably. The pads are supposed to be tight at first as they will conform to the shapes of your head, but I definitely need a Large one.

This is a complete package with the following:

1 x OD Medium sized ACH by BAE Systems
1 x NVG mount
1 x rhino arm for NVG
1 x set of pads
1 x complete 4 point chin straps
1 x Universal camo (ARPAT) helmet cover
1 x Woodland helmet cover

It will be sold by offers starting from 150 €.
I will gladly bring it to you to BE7. Only € will be accepted on location.
Can be shipped prior to the game and will accept $ US with paypal, buyer pays shipping.

Any questions? Just post them here, I check it every day.


PS. Here's a little teaser:

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