S: CYMA AK-104, with a couple of upgrades

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S: CYMA AK-104, with a couple of upgrades

Post by Dolnage » 10 Dec 2009, 14:05


I'm from Finland, I need beer. And new gear. Also gas prices are going way too high.
What I have here is a CYMA AK-104 with a folding skeleton stock. It is fitted with Systema 509mm inner barrel, Guarder hard hop-up rubber and a random Hop-up -chamber, I *think* it's looted from an Inokatsu kit. Could be wrong, though.
Most important thing is that the gun is ACCURATE. It's actually very accurate. I'm quite pleased with myself how well I have tuned this AEG.
Oh, the overly long inner barrel is compensated with ridiculously long and big and hard King Arms 290mm silencer.
I haven't tinkered much with the Gearbox, only fitted the Element m125 spring. I chrono'd it a while ago with original barrel, gun shoots decent 124m/s every time. Probably shoots harder with the longer barrel.
Gun shoots fine with both 8.4V AND 9.6V AK type batteries, thanks to an awesome CYMA motor.

Oh, the AK-104 doesn't have rear sights, they fell somewhere in Berget 7 game area. But the side rail is just in the right position so you can use realsteel scopes and red dot sights, also the NSPU night sight fits just perfect.

I used this gun as my primary weapon in Berget 7.

Oh, and the price? I'ts 150 euros. Also buyer pays the shipping costs.
If you don't want the overly long inner barrel and the silencer, I'll change back the original CYMA barrel. Then it costs 130 euros.
If you want, I'll include the original hi-cap magazine. Otherwise i'll send just the gun.

contact me dolnage at DIE DIE DIE SPAMMERS DIE hotmail dot com.

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