S: Ballistic kevlar VDV helmet 6B28 (original)

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S: Ballistic kevlar VDV helmet 6B28 (original)

Post by Lynx » 16 Apr 2012, 16:49

Want to sell some newest ballistic kevlar VDV helmet with cover for 400 euro.
Any sizes, any colour. Also flora, desert and digital pattern.
Shipping via Russian post.



P.S. 6B27 too if anyone need it.
B 5 - VDV officer
B 6 - Mercs Charlie Coy Commander
B 7 - Mercs Batallion Commander
B 8 - Instructor of milsim squads for this game.
B 9 - Berget Crew volunteer
B 10 - ?
Dum spiro spero

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