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Post by Kvarnen » 30 Sep 2012, 22:13

To make a long post short. Selling some british gear in MTP. A really great piece of kit. But I have no more use of it. The perfect kit for you who love british gear. The best looking and by far most comfortable british kit.

- 1 MK7 helmet in size M/L
- 1 Osprey MK4 vest size 180/96, adjustable size by changing the place onthe cummerbands. (Comes with 4 double m4 mag pouches, medicpouch, utility and admin.
Smock in MTP size XL
- Shirt in MTP, size 190-104
- trousers in MTP, size 85-96-112
- Ubac in MTP, size large.

This is a very rare piece of kit. Only 4 of them in Sweden and very hard to get all around the world.

Buy it all: € 1000
Just the vest: € 650
Just the helmet: € 240
Just the uniform € 150

Pictures will come.
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