Thanks for a great event! =)

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Thanks for a great event! =)

Post by Eldoriath » 18 Jun 2007, 13:31

Just wanted to say that i had great fun on Berget 5, which was my first actuall AS gaming experience.

I have heard many people complain, but mainly i think that those problems depends on the players, not the crew.
Will not write my plus and minus list here since it's another topic. This topic is for thanking for a great game =)

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Post by Bobbo » 18 Jun 2007, 13:35

I would also like to thank you guys for a great game :D


Post by hRotten » 18 Jun 2007, 13:37

Same here!

We finns really enjoyed the game. Great game, thank you!
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Post by greger04 » 18 Jun 2007, 14:09

We swedes also enjoyed our game even though we sat in our base most time :D But it was so lame that the russian side was like supposed to win the battle :/ that sucked


Post by Tolf » 18 Jun 2007, 15:08

Awesome game, you can count on me next year!

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Post by stalin » 18 Jun 2007, 16:15

yea thanks for a great game .

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Post by NIN » 18 Jun 2007, 16:32

Makes me glad to hear you guys say this.
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Post by Roska » 18 Jun 2007, 17:02

Yeah, I agree that the game was definately great and the bad things were not because of the crew, but rather caused by the players.

I am now a little depressed that the game had to come to an end... I don't feel like playing "normal" airsoft anymore after Berget :D Thank you for the game and the great experience.
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Post by Pagan » 18 Jun 2007, 18:07

I had a great time. Hoping for a "Berget 6" next year.

I know how hard it is to just get a scenario with 40-60 people to work so thumbs up for the crew that did an awsome job pulling this together.


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Post by Sniper_dude » 18 Jun 2007, 18:51

is there anyone who filmed the event? íf so, i´m looking forward to see it on youtube or somewhere else... was discovery channel there and filmed it all?
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Post by counterassasin » 18 Jun 2007, 20:11

The event was great! Organizers should have all creds for this. The company I joined, had almost non-stop action at the fronts :D Even more great was that the "right" side won, the Red side :P


Post by Finarvas » 18 Jun 2007, 21:23

There were ups and downs, all in all we had shitloads of fun in 3rd platoon, Boris company. URRAH!


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Post by Jugge » 18 Jun 2007, 22:26

It was my first larger airsoft event....... and it was great 8) I hope to see a new Berget Event next year!
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Post by Crapgame » 19 Jun 2007, 00:02

if there is a B6 i might come and play as either infantry,HQ or mechanised if i think its worth it

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Post by Windi^ » 19 Jun 2007, 08:04

Thank you for great game! It was a pleasure to see how games work out in so international game.

There was ffew moments that was most memorable moments in my airsoft history. To ambush ruskies in the tree line after they crossed the tree-cut-area with smoke and artilley, ah so sweet, finns 100, ruskies 0 :D And in the big battle in the swede base when we sang finnish national anthem before insane rush towards the ruskies. Beautiful!

I think we showed what we finns are really made of ;)

Thank you once more, we will meet again.

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