Thanks for a great event! =)

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Post by xxxFENCExxx » 19 Jun 2007, 23:41

Brujo wrote: Turns out at about 0900 we were hit by an airstrike. Very nice, woke up people in panic and all...
Due the panic i lost my just prepared tomato soup :twisted:

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Post by OttoK » 19 Jun 2007, 23:42

Brujo, playing as a underdog is pretty great! 8)

I have to give credit to russian side for digging in that good, pretty nice trenches, especially given the time you dug them! Also big thanks for giving a good opponent, it was really exciting to listen to russian voices closing in and giving AND getting a good hits!

Obviously many things things that were planned didn´t happend due to shortage of organizers, but they sure did their best and managed to pull off a great game anyway. I believe that they have gained very valuable experience on events this big, and I hope that the unfortunate things that took place do not discourage them from holding another Berget.

Given all + and - on a scale of -10 to +10 Berget 5 was a strong +8!

Thanks to everyone involved, players and organizers alike, I had really good time!
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So remember, lose talk cost respawns!

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Post by jdoe » 20 Jun 2007, 00:06

Brujo wrote:At noon or so we encountered also finnish attack from NE.
As far as I know, we were preparing to move our base to the Offzone at that time, so no Finnish attack against the Russians in Saturday noon. At least by the main force. Our HQ was far too busy trying to arrange the move.

Except of course, if it was the Interior ministry forces (RRP) of about a dozen or so men (and a lady). But I remember they were in the base at the time we were packing up. And their leader was helping our HQ in arranging the move.

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Post by stoffi » 20 Jun 2007, 00:13

whitefeather wrote:The only thing I would recommend would be for group leaders to have things planned out in advance. The SF commander didnt even show up, and they did not decide until the last minute to leave at lunch (making it impossible for me to meet up with them on time because of my drive). So if planning began more in advance, it could be the perfect event.
I don't understand what you are talking about. Squad leaders did not receive orders until they were on site and only a couple of hours before gamestart. Did you show up at the event? I was supposed to be you and your fathers squad leader; together we would have had amazing missions doing specialized tasks as the only would-have-been sniper team, but you were not there, so I ended up being a regular special forces soldier in the SF-group: Sierra 5.

What do you mean by saying that the SF commander didn't show up? Where did he not show up? Are you talking about some other country or something, I mean, did you have travel plans with Rocco or something? I don't get it.

I sent you a PM, but no answer, so: what happened..?
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Sf Commander

Post by Rock » 20 Jun 2007, 14:15

We were told the primary SF commander failed to show. Mike from the Crew was put in at the last minute.

Once SF came under my command they were fine.



Post by Jojis » 20 Jun 2007, 15:05

Thanks for a great event! It was far more better what I expected!

When I was asking on the last night what grade people would give for the game, most would say 8 (on scale 1-10). I think the same.

Thanks again, hope to come back some day.


Post by Ira » 20 Jun 2007, 16:39

Thanks for this event!!! It was realy good game! :P :) :D

Raja Kajiev

Post by Raja Kajiev » 20 Jun 2007, 18:28

Hmm... The one and only "thanks" to game-masters which I can say is to thank them for my new experience in playing a game which was an abso-f*cking-lutely mess and chaos. Players were unknown, orders were unclear, targets were unknown, goals were unknown, everything was covered by "the fog of total unknowness".
I guess, the first moments of real war supposed to be like that.

Will I came next year? The answer is "may be, if the tickets are gonna be free"

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Post by SwedeX » 21 Jun 2007, 12:25

Tnx crew for a great event!

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Thank you!

Post by Kattis » 21 Jun 2007, 22:17

Hi there

I also would like to thank all of the participants on the game: Crew, players...and especially Dimitri Company. You were great working together with. Even though my commander role only took place for two days (because of you know what), I still had a great time together with you guys and girls! I hope to see you all at Berget 6 :D

And also I would like to give a big thank you to the crew for their way of organizing the game and also their proffesional way of handling the crise situation with one of the players passing away.

I really looking forward to the next game, and I hope to see you all there!

Best regards/Kattis
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