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Posted: 19 Jun 2007, 21:30
by WhiteAce
fallen wrote:
waffelke wrote:well if we were alouwd to do so we did it , but ja we did it on thursday
for the rest they did indeed say no not that we need you now on base so we did
if you think sf is only going on foot well get to a sf and if you now how its works than you can talk,i was thinking and i so and so
sf from ailaid had buggie's and jeeps
????but were not alouwd to do there thing just like us
ohther example
today sas is still using jeeps
and now you say this
sorry get somwere else to talk if you not now were you talk about
but don't atack my boy's from spetsnaz
if you dont like my opinion well pay tax an it's my opinion

I kinda had a feeling that your orders well not clear ... I am not a guy who likes to pretend he is a real soldier, I am playing airsoft for fun, but see you walking through the middle of insecured crossroads, your guys walking through a "green field" if we are supposed to stay unseen as long as we can... well, it doesn't make it clear to discuss it now... it is too late, but if I am a part of your group next year, I will definitely let you know right away... HOWGH
He there Fallen,

You are talking about me here. I was the one in charge of that specific mission.
I know you are right and this should have beendone different. But don't forget about the fact that we had 20 regulars with us and for all of the rest don't have any military experience. We do not all know how to walk tactically through the fields. Besides that I had to communicate through a line of people stretched out for about 200 meters without using our PMR - That's pritty much impossible with this group. Also I can say I had enough intel about our enemies to keep up this way of walking until our RV point. I had a pretty good feeling about the things to do, and exept for the aditional target (the diplomat) and the rain I think I had everything pretty much under control. We achieved our goals and Waffelke kept the SF away from us.
So next time we'll have to talk some more about how we'll do things... for I think a group of 50 (basicaly untrained for this work) can never really do a good job as you would like to. I completely agree on that.

Posted: 20 Jun 2007, 00:16
by ron the slayer
i think we did a good job over there, but if u were ashamed to be a part of the spetznas then go and play with regulars or allies next berget :x

for me...i had a hell of a game and all the other guys too, at least the dutch that i know of, we kicked ass!!!! :D :D

Posted: 23 Jun 2007, 03:42
by mr.mandrake
On thursday and the whole weekend, I guess there were some things that could have been done differently. But under the circumstancens and the intel provided I think we did really great, even though with the cold rain pouring down your back. We did what we were sent off to do, and provided a good set off for all the remaining soviet troops. I really had a good time all the way to our victory.

Fallen: I think our achivements and spirit speaks for itself, and as for the shouting; there were no complaints among us, and it worked as a great motivating and driving force (as used by most units around. Why not in airsoft, if it works?).

Greets to all of ya, who was there!

Posted: 23 Jun 2007, 14:52
by Tomy
SPETSNAZ are soldiers that have the nerve and the balls to do anything. And I believe the drive by shooting on the whole SF platoon took BALLS OF STEEL, we got killed and Waffelke captured :) ...but it was a hell of a fun thing....stupid but REALL fun heheh...and the SF capturing my AUTOATLAS of SLOVAKIA and giving it to the CIA to investigate...typical US SF...hehehe (just making fun of youall SF :D :D :D )

Posted: 23 Jun 2007, 23:00
by Pahapaavali
Thx guys for the game! We finns had a hellava good game and we all will remember it to the grave :) So thank you for been a part of it!

Pasi "Pahapaavali" Savonen

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 13:56
by 4leon
spetsnaz ?? - it was parody of spetsnaz

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 14:23
by Cpt
What's up with the talk about Spetsnaz being able to heal themselves? Sounds quite weired to me :?

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 14:45
by waffelke
tis is new for me , i diden't now about somthing like that ,but we were abele to heal ,becose we were medic an engeneer to , but we only had 3 armband so i don't now were you got this storry about