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Post by Spitfire » 27 Jun 2007, 18:38

hei you

me and a friend are planing to go to amsterdam.
can you recomend me a good hotel or hostel that is cheep and in a good place.
closed to party locations.

furter i heard that you gotta be 21 years old to go into clubs and stuff...
is that true?
is there a possibility to use or get faked IDs?

kind regards



Post by HTN02 » 27 Jun 2007, 19:56

faked ID are a crime in the netherlands. i believe in your country its the same?
they are very aware of fake ID's, they always check, and don't accept copy's

there is some hostel in the center of amsterdam, with a flying pig. i look at the name when i be in the area sunday. its in the middle of the old city, near the red light, the rembrand square, damsquare and leidse square. for most places its 18, some places its 21. however in the netherlands, as an 18 year old, you are considert adult, and drink alcohol, smoke weed, visit prostitutes, etc etc.


Post by Spitfire » 27 Jun 2007, 19:59

i heard that all clubs are 21+...
so if thats not right, then its not a problem...
i am 19...
well faked ID are not legal, but everybody has it...
thanks for looking up the names!
i dunno where the best part of amsterdam is for party and so on...



Post by WhiteAce » 27 Jun 2007, 22:49

Nope, not everybody has a fake ID... I know at least none of my friends has one!!

I heard "hard rock café" is a great place to go!! But as you look up the names that HTN02 gave you, you'll have a great party too!!

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