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Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 21:43
by Berget-events
This is the international forum for Berget-games and all information will be in English.

The following rules apply:

* All non-english contributions will be removed without warning.

* Questions regarding your specific ticket/booking/role/game should be sent by e-mail to

* Please add Airsoft in your profile info for Interests. If this is not done, we can by misstake delete your user when we remove spombot users.

* Contributions regarding previous Berget games should be written in specific thread.

* Discussing culture, religion and politics are not allowed in this forum.

* Do NOT send pm`s to Spof, Crew or other moderators with questions regarding Berget-games. They should be sent to the organization's e-mail (

* Unsuitable language & comments, incorrect statements will be removed without warning.

* Assertions or claims that is not clearly written in a way that it is obvious that it is the writers own opionion will be deleated or edited without any warning.

* Discussions about these rules shall be taken by PM to Berget-events user.