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Lost Equipment

Posted: 22 Feb 2009, 19:50
by OviDiuS
Well i don't know if some one even found my equipment or not but i give it a chance..

I lost 2 mags under this game.

1 CA Armalite 68 round - Camo painted green black whit Tan Ranger plate that is glued on.
1 MAG plastic magazine 120 rounds down caped to 68 whit cable - Camo painted Green and black, whit HK markings showing and a Black Magpul on it.

If some one did find thes or anny thing info about them is welcome.

found one picture of the CA model (Yes the Gun model is CA to, Focus its magazines you should be looking at :D)
The HK MAG is painted in almost the same pattern.

Here you can see a small part of it.

i dint find any other pictures of the HK MAG so hope it works any how.

Posted: 22 Feb 2012, 15:42
by marjon
OMG...Sorry to hear about your loss.