*** NATO feedback thread ***

Topics and things concerning this game and your experience and memories.
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Post by Cpt » 01 Jul 2008, 21:26

The one at our "bunker" with one road leading to the oilwells.

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Post by Tystnad » 01 Jul 2008, 21:34

Ian is easy to identify: He's the real deal Brit with mighty pipes and he couldnt sit down if his life depended on it. :D

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Post by wormbyte » 01 Jul 2008, 21:37

I was leading my Platoon at the crossroads so I guess it would have been me. I was in british green dpm with a sas smock. A green 'warrior' chest rig and a tan Lightfighter R.A.I.D pack on my back.

But older gentleman????? :shock: :)

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Post by whiskey » 01 Jul 2008, 21:43

this is Ian, on the left. Sorry, didn't get a better picture of him :P


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Post by Grishka » 01 Jul 2008, 21:47

I ll speak for all the FCO team that are with while I m taping the text :

First of all, we had a great time, met awesome people from all around europe -we had a lot of chance to share our tent with Airsoft ghent peps').
We had stupid missions, like 2 base defence tour following one an other ... We also had some great missions, that were a lot of fun for all of us.

About the command, the "noob" company, I think that we did a great job, what ever any one thought of us, we never complained directly to the command, always fulfil our duties -no one crossed our defenses, we brought back the chip, and we also repelled several attacks defending with only 20 guys the whole camp at some point).
We had a great fun beeing brujo body guards :).

Juging players level without knowing them is a bit lame, we proved beeing as good as others ...

But I think it s part of the game, and we are not complaining or whining, just giving opinions so that theses mistakes won t happen again.

Special thanks to Lexxie (our beloved bear) Mini me (the engineer with balls of steel), Reddot (whose firing never ended !), Chaplain (medic that hurts more than the enemy), Srpiet (and his eagle eye) and Jerre (and his insame systema).

Thanks also to the germans of golf : buckmaster, ceras and his guys, and the preussen rangers !

Grishka, Igor, Busard and Anarki

Golf 3 then golf bravo 2

mr longbow
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Post by mr longbow » 01 Jul 2008, 22:02

Tystnad wrote:Ian is easy to identify: He's the real deal Brit with mighty pipes and he couldnt sit down if his life depended on it. :D
yeaa, he's the one that made it to syria, :D chris ryan lookalike

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Post by Ocelot » 01 Jul 2008, 22:34

Thank to the organization becouse me and my friends have had a very fantastic time.

We were part of the India 2 platoon, the italian one. We remained amazed for our first experience in berget, and we will surely be there next year.

I wish to thank brujo and oberlix, but I also want to thank Timo, tha introduced us wery kindly, i hope to find him again next year.

I think is part of milsim to wait for order or to have boring missions, surely i hope not only theese.

See you next year :D

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Post by Trasher-HU » 01 Jul 2008, 23:53

This was my 1st Berget event, and all-in-all it was a positive experience with some a negatives. Frankly, it was better than I expected after reading Berget 5 reviews... It was a honor to fight as the member of FOX-2 at the side of my Slovenian friends (I was the bearded guy lugging guns and camera around).

+ Excellent field, fantastic woodland battleground
+ Good atmosphere
+ Weather
+ Kickass teams, commanders, opponents (put long list here)
+ Some impressive convoys (aka BB magnets :D )
+ People taking pride in taking hits (who cares about the few exceptions)
+ Random alcohol checks
+ BE staff for handling my package
+ Action packed last day (it was a slow start, but later...)


- Laughable chrono procedure (come on guys!)

- People taking off eyewear all the time (a huge NO-NO where I play)

- Too few, too short missions (shouldn't be so hard to keep action hungry teams busy, send them on a recon mission around the base, hire a guy to fabricate random missions, use stand-in "instant enemies" to stir some shit up, keep a list of teams ready for action, or whatever)

- Downtime, waiting long-long hours between missions (I didn't come to Berget to rest/sleep, scratch balls, etc)

- No daily briefing on the general battlefield situation, developments, etc

- The map was useless

- Off-game civilians moving through the fire, heavy shooting in the presence of locals (those moments made me cringe, safety wise... please try to lock down the area next time, or avoid roads frequented by off-game traffic completely)

Despite the above I think I'll attend the Berget 7... There were moments I'll remember years later. And we all do airsoft for these special moments (RAPPOO!!!, RAPPOO!! was one of them even at the receiving end :P ).

Gunning and taking pics didn't mix well, but I got a few good ones, here is a preview:


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Post by Johan » 01 Jul 2008, 23:56

One of my best memories from Berget 6 must be when me and some lads guarded ”cosy post”. Great time guys!

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Post by trooper » 02 Jul 2008, 00:57

We where also a part of the 3rd Golf Plt.... a part of the "uninportanted guys" in the Golf Coy.

I do not want to repeat all that bad things but i was shocked to hear from different teams (Bravo Coy, Golf Coy and a pig part of the UN) that some of you guys leave the event. Some after 2 days, some after 3 days. Also 2 guys of my Squad leaved the game on the 3rd day. Why? Until this point we make only base defense.
I spook to a lot of players and they almost said the same: Bad organization (from BE and also from the commanders).

Once we spook to a responsible guy for the NATO side (don´t want to make a finger pointing so that´s why i not useing his name) and get only rubbish. Next time get better informations from BE before telling us such lies. We did that...

Thx to Ober-Lix to nerve you about the situation and that you had the time for us.

An idea for the next time: Try to make 8 hrs shifts and to give every coy an mission and make swaps (defense, mission outside, scout mission, etc.).

But i was happy to meet so many friendly players from all over the world. Hope to see you all again.

Special thx to Grishka, Buckmaster, Whiteace, Lexxie and all others (sorry i forget some of your names :cry: )
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Post by devilsbreath » 02 Jul 2008, 12:05

Just a quick post.

Same as Longbow i want to say a big thanks to Ian for teaching us how to move as a squad and bring us to some interesting fire fights :).

I had a great time and can't wait to be there next year.
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Post by Ming the Merciless » 02 Jul 2008, 13:10

There were some cheating issues. Nato were renowned throughout our camp for not taking hits.

We also had encounter range issues with 3 of our members being shot by Nato troops repeatedly at close range with an M249 even though they were wearing their wounded flags, almost ending in a fight. We got their numbers but it was the last day so meant nothing.

We also had one of our team lying down on the ground with his wounded flag on his head, unarmed - a Nato troop came along and shot him in the face at 2 metres - leading to a bad injury and almost a lost tooth. he would have got the number but he was in too much pain at the time.

There was also a point when we had just been killed by the same dangerous players above, then they came up to the respawn point with signs and tape marking the area and started opening fire with M249's.

All of these could have been prevented with marshalling. I hope these players are banned from further Berget games.
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Post by lemming » 02 Jul 2008, 13:25

devilsbreath wrote:Just a quick post.

Same as Longbow i want to say a big thanks to Ian for teaching us how to move as a squad and bring us to some interesting fire fights :).

I had a great time and can't wait to be there next year.
I would like to echo what both devilsbreath and longbow have said. A big thank you to Ian, the rest of India 1, and everyone else (both friend and foe) for making Berget 6 such an experience.

See you next year!

But to the matter of feedback, there were a couple of things I feel could be improved upon but by and large the event was a positive experience and kudos to the BE crew for organising something this big. From organising conventions in Ireland I can appreciate just how difficult this must have been.

So; areas of thought:

Area of Operation - firing onto or from the public roads to the north of BE should be very much forbidden. Yes vehicles needed to use it to travel to and fro, but setting up roadblocks onto the road and firing at anything driving past was not well thought through in my opinion. This should perhaps be impressed upon players at future events.

Toilets - I can only speak for the NATO base toilets here. Whilst they were cleared out a couple of times over the event, they were a bit grim to put it mildly.

Marshalling - whilst I had little to complain of overall, there was a breakdown in control on the Saturday around the Merc re-spawn point just north of the Merc base. I wont write more on this but will email my thoughts and observations to the BE crew.

NATO command structure also broke down on Saturday and it felt like a lot of people started to play with a paintball "speedball" mentality. Nothing wrong with speedball, but this was milsim. Up until that point I was having a fantastic time of it, even when walking for hours. To be perfectly honest I'm really not sure how or even if this last point can really be addressed and I'm only mentioning it as a point of note.

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Post by Conkey » 02 Jul 2008, 15:15

devilsbreath wrote:Just a quick post.

Same as Longbow i want to say a big thanks to Ian for teaching us how to move as a squad and bring us to some interesting fire fights :).

I had a great time and can't wait to be there next year.
100% agree. Without Ian the experience would not have been the same..

Only one problem to report.. Ian remember to put your watch forward an hour next year!!!
8) :lol: :D

Absolutely fantastic event and see you all next year!
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Post by Kartoon » 02 Jul 2008, 15:57

Greetings from the SRP camp!

Personally I would like to thank Ian for his efforts!
I was 2nd in command for the SRP and I was responsible for cooperation with the NATO forces when they were operating in our area.

As a reserve 2nd lieutenant for the FDF I enjoyed working with a guy who seemed to know what he was doing and when it should be done. You always knew where your guys were and you enjoyed their full trust, it seemed.

Things worked well when you were in charge, but sadly when Brujo(the guy with des DPM and MARPAT helmet over, a TALL guy?) arrived with his reinforcements everything stopped. I don't know if it was for lack of intel or what it was, but it seemed to me like it was a chaos with no organization whatsoever.
Too bad, because when Ian had his company operating the area things actually got done.

So KUDOS, Ian, I hope to see you in the future games as well! A big hand to Ians platoon leaders as well, you were all great! I hope none of your guys got into trouble for the broken car window.
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