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SRP Feedback

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 09:32
by Olli
Great amount of honor and glory for all SRP fighters. You guys did more than any commander can demand! Great job!

Write your feedback about B6 generally and also about SRP -teams actions in B6. As soon as my hands stop shaking I'll write more.

- Olli -
SRP Commander

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 10:42
by Kane
The SRP was impressivly organized and very pleasent to interact with for us "innocent" civilians during the game. Thank you guys!

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 11:25
by mcuz
The CIA TF unit like to thank Olli alot.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 12:15
by Kartoon
As the second in command I'll write down my experiences here.

The first couple of days were calm and we pretty much only had to deal with people wanting to roll trough our area. It created a few tense moments, e.g when the CIA operatives first emerged with yellow armbands. After negotiations they were let trough and later on we welcomed them to join our ranks several times for small morale boosters such as coke and potatoe chips.
As the byrocracy was interesting enough in the command squad (I always knew what was going on), some players found it dull as they saw no action. This was going to change in the last couple of days when the mercenaries and NATO got increasingly interested of the area we governed.

However, I don't want to debrief the plotline of the game any more, I'm sure the GM's will do that.

I'm pretty sure discipline is one key factor in Finnish airsofting. Most of us have some level of military training and we will stand our ground and keep fighting back until ordered otherwise. On my part I want to thank all SRP players, including DOG platoon(consisted of Swedish players) who more than did their part in the battles. I met a lot of finnish players I hadn't met before and I look forward in meeting them again, you are great people and great players and I enjoyed every moment of cooperation with you guys. Thank you!

Also I had a chance to talk to players from all over europe. I must admit it seems the airsofting culture is different in every country and I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. Nonetheless I was happy to notice a true sense of sportsmanship and fairness in most of the players. Shaking hands, smiling, laughing together no matter what side you played. A common interest in fair play and making sure everybody has a good time. It was a pleasure talking to italian, spanish, norwegian, british, swedish, german and russian players. I want to thank them as well for doing their part in making this a great event. I hope I get a chance to shoot at you once more in the future! :D

A big thank you for the organization as well!

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 14:36
by Jojis
Huge thanks to all those in SRP who made a serious effort before the game. The commandsquad, platoonleaders, mapprinters, all sort of coordinators and infoguys, etc etc. Too many names but you all know who you are and your input is greatly appreciated!!

Then some feedback:

+ Organisation. Huge improvement since Berget 5 in many things.

+ SRP. It was propably the best organised side I have ever been to. There was always someone and for once the radios helped a lot.

+ Big operations. Every big happening had a ton of details like dedicated routes, recon as eyes, dedicated radio-operators, codesigns etc.
For example the convoyambush plan was the coolest thing in airsoft I've seen, and ''the sandbox'' really got me all excited. Even when things went to shit it still was geniously planned and I'm happy I experienced the mission even as a backdoor recon.

+ Positive attitude. Almost everyone we shot were happy after a good firefight, and we were quite happy too when there had been a huge battle, even if got killed out. There were a lot more positive attitude in this game when you compare it to last year's. Big thank you to everyone who just enjoyed playing the game.

+ Deathrags were really really great and made the game a lot safer.

+ Trustees. Many disputes had a happy ending thanks to the Trustees.

- Boredom. All in all there were not a lot of action. Guarding was total boredom until (from my understanding renegade) Mercs and UN started to do random attacks and recon after couple of days.
Every player I talked to (in-game and beerparty, friend or enemy) said they had almost nothing to do on Wednesday and Thursday so I would not blame anyone in the SRP's organisation for those days. I personally didn't get pissed but I know a few who did.
The Mercs only made two big attacks on SRP grounds in 4 days, NATO did 1 in the end, and there was only one big convoy. Name of this game was Convoy Operations, not A Convoy Operation. So what happened? I would of have expected a lot more and there should have been a lot more!

- Politics. I thought we were worst enemies with the Mercs, but it took only a few hours to make peace. There were times when we were at peace with every side. This was supposed to be airsoft not camping. More war less peace!

- Tanks and Virus. Never saw a tank, none came to our base or oilwells. Never saw or heard anything about the virus.

- Maps. WTF seriously. The gameorganisers gave everyone a satellite photo of the terrain. Ridiculous. You can't tell your location in the woods from a photo, you need a real map. They even had one map published on the intenet, but still managed to provide us with that crappaper. Thank god someone brought a few real maps.

- Whining. People did whine angrily about hits and thought that everyone will feel everything or bb's go through trees. Some guys collected playernumbers from men they even didn't shoot at. The amount of bullshit was at times overwhelming and the playernumbersystem might easily backfire banning honest but skilled players.

Anyway, I don't regret coming, the game was good for me, mostly again because of good players.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 15:27
by atlaz
First of all i want to thank all the SRP-players. What a good gang, seriously.
Here's my plusses and minuses

+ The game area
+ Base equipment (tents, toilets, water, electricity)
+ Interesting gameplay
+ Virus was an interesting element, everytime you came in contact with some outsider, you had him to roll up his sleeves and stayed the heck away from him
+ Ingame money, cool element.
+ The russian mercs put up an helluva fight at one of the oilwells.

- Maps
- We never got to use our foxholes that we digged in the forest :(
- Our missile was "fired" way to early.
- We didn't get to see or shoot any tanks
- We didn't get to see any infected or anything about the virus

I hade no problem what so ever doing guard duty. Our crew was allright, we had tons of fun digging foxholes and fortifying our positions.

Olli, a big thank you! You did more than allright.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 17:11
by Askorbiini
Great thanks to everybody at SRP. Ya'll rocked! We all managed to work so well together, so no wonder the game ended at the victory of the SRP.
- Thanks to all the guys at SNAKE, you made me play better than ever.
- Special thanks to Atlaz for the fun chatter at respawn, and to Anton (from Dog platoon) for saving my ass under enemy fire at saturday.

Also, special thanks to the enemies who refused to give up without fight. It would have not been the same without you!
- Thanks to Dennis (NATO) for telling the "light bulb" -joke at our respawn. Really made my day =)

Very special thanks to Berget organisators!
Many things were improved from Berget 5, some things needs to be taken care of before the next Berget. There could've been something more to do, since we had to sit for loads of hours without anything to do. But considering how awful it was to some of the opponents, I'm glad we atleast had something to do.

/ Askorbiini (Santtu), one dude from Snake 1.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 17:45
by Picazzo
i was on the conrads team and really must give and applause to the SRP camp, u were fast, tactical and really fun to fight against! and big + to the guy the knifekilled his comrade and the girl who still smiled and laughed (with some cursing in between) when she stepped breast high into an mosse.

big + to all of u guys! next time i'll maybe try and play with you instead ;)

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 20:42
by RRP Taksi
:D :D :D

Im happy with everything.. Crew, my leader, my troops, my comrades and last but not least, my enemies! :lol:
I just wish the game would have lasted one more hour so everybody could attack us on the mountain.
This was the first berget game we had toilets and water in the camp, it was almost like a health-spa.
I also had the best unit i ever commanded, thx DOGS!!! I said it, they did it.

The usual amount of whining and cheating occurred ofcourse. Its inevitable.
Although i saw less of it this year than before...

The afterparty, hmm, expencive crappy coldplate. But the company was great. Luckily for me i had karhu and kossu in the car... :P

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 21:01
by 55nilsson
@ Jojis...

I am one of the players that wrote a complaint on one of the SRP players.
This was during the big attack by GCM on your base on friday, after a long firefight my squad was wiped out and we were walking away from your camp, towards the big road, when we stop to check on a really injured Merc (He cut his leg) When we turn around there are 3 SRP-players in a ditch about to attack into the forrest. So we look at them to see the attack when one of them gets shot from the left by another of his teammates. We SEE the BB´s hit and we HEAR the BB´s hit him as he is only a few meters away.
When I say to him: "Maybe you should take that hit, friendly fire is a kill, the 3 of us all saw you take that hit" His respons were : "No I wasn´t" and then he ran away... :shock: :twisted:

To me, that is cheating and that is why I reported him!

There are moments when you for some reason can´t feel a hit, f.ex: If it hits your gear, or if you´re running, or whatever...
But if someone tells me they saw me getting hit (friend or foe) I will accept it and yell "Medic" or go respawn if already hit twice.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 21:09
by RRP Taksi
I can say the FF bloopers (not taking FF) happened on all sides occasionally.
Im sorry he didnt take it.
Did you point this out on the spot?

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 21:30
by 55nilsson
If you read the entire post I wrote :
"When I say to him: "Maybe you should take that hit, friendly fire is a kill, the 3 of us all saw you take that hit" His respons were : "No I wasn´t" and then he ran away... "

So, Yes I did say it to him before reporting it!

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 21:49
by Jojis

I agree with you. I think his response should have been in the lines of ''oh, ok, HIT''.

I guess I should have pointed that the system seemed to work two ways, because I saw people taking up numbers from who had not even been in the fight and that did insult some guys. My number was written up while I was trying to find my lost deadrag propably because they thought I was spying. The ID number is not a bad system, it was just sad to see it used in a wrong way. But more importantly it was sad to see people acting so suspiciously.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 21:57
by RRP Taksi
Sounds like there will be a good stack of reports.. :(

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 22:50
by Mick0
I want to thank everyone in the game for making this great event. This was my first Berget event but not my last. Although the game was a freakin' slow for the first two days it really didn't bother me at all. I had enough firefight in the friday and the attack to the UN base by night and firefight with the russians in the oil well was something which I won't forget! Man you got some skilled machingunner out there! Wiped out our two medics to same spot. Thank god we had the third one to help us out. :)

But nevertheless... SRP, we rocked!

Mick0 / Snake company, Medic.