Game off time during nights!

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How did you think this 6 hour game off worked out?

Very good with 6 hours! Keep it to Berget 7
No game off during nights
One or two hours more would be good in a 4 day game.
Total votes: 183

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Post by motorhead » 30 Jun 2008, 23:45

nbIBACuK wrote:So, if it is possible to add rule, that attack starter before 3am can be continued after game off time, but with out re-spawns - it will be better.
That's an excellent idea you should forward to Berget-crew. That way night-stalkers would get better bang for their bucks. And preferably in specially designated areas where 24h-ops-motivated people sleep.

Otherwise there will be accidents and unwanted injuries hurting the airsoft arrangers.
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Post by Eldoriath » 01 Jul 2008, 02:01

I think that the 6 hours base off-game time is excellent. It gives people the chance to catch some hours of garaunteed undisturbed sleep, but still allows for missions/combats outside the base at all times.

I know i can go with little sleep and then try and take some sneak naps while waiting for orders. But by doing that i miss out the social part of a game like this, a part that i greatly enjoy.

So, base baing off-game for 6 hours isn't really a big issue. It's just what it is; base being off-game for 6 hours.
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Post by Pampster » 01 Jul 2008, 05:56

Yes keep the 6 hrs stop.

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Post by Windi^ » 01 Jul 2008, 08:06

This was good system. Those who wanted to sleep could do so, there was safe and quiet in the bases. Those who wanted to play and fight could do that also, only outside of bases. Good system, keep this.
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Post by Kane » 01 Jul 2008, 08:15

A good system with 6 hours gameoff in base-areas. Maybe this could be extended to a 6 hour total gameoff, so there would be no reason to stay up. Tired airsoftplayers tend to be irresponsible and irritated.

Sleep, food and drink are the three most important things in big games like this.
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Post by -Cougar » 01 Jul 2008, 22:43

I would like it, if the tents in the bases do work as "off-game" area and "respawn-Area", too .
If you get hit, you go to the respawn or to your personel tent (what mostly takes always about 30min even to get there if you are out on a mission).

So nobody should be allowed to shoot from a tent, or into a tent. Every tent should have a big orange flag on the door, so that attackers could take the tent out by "throwing a grenade into it" (pulling out the orange flag of the tent). Players in the tent can sleep on...if they awake, they see their orange flag at the entrance of the tent and know: "...we got killed by a grenade!"

This way, the few hardcore-players could battle on even through the night. Some guards could do some duty on the bases. For the case of alarm, the guys who think they could fight a bit, can get out and defend the tents. I think it would work pretty good, as most players would sleep anyways (on all sides), but the others few could do some interesting missions. I believe that it would be still balanced, as mostly skilled guys would fight

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Post by Baron » 03 Jul 2008, 10:45

I'm thrilled to see that before Berget 6 alot of people voted against this decision and now 71% suggest to keep it for future bergets. Which I still support cause I needed those hours of sleep ^^
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Post by RRP Taksi » 03 Jul 2008, 15:37

So nobody should be allowed to shoot from a tent, or into a tent.
Just to make things clear: Nobody is allowed to shoot out or into tents.
A tent and its occupants is out if the enemy makes it to the entrance.
It is also at all times forbidden to take cover inside or fire your weapon in/out of tents.

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Post by Ukkolzi » 04 Jul 2008, 02:42

The 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep worked well. Although waking up in the middle of the night to respond to an enemy attack, wearing only goggles, boots and underwear, would be kinda cool (just like in the army :D ), its still better to get some proper sleep and wake up in the morning fresh and ready for battle, as the whole day is ahead of you. And as stated earlier, tired people can be a bit...grumpy, and that might lead to god knows what.

Cougar's proposition sounds pretty cool and might work well for a bit more serious milsim event, or a shorter one, but I'd still prefer the current system for the huge Berget events, as with Cougar's system in the worst case scenario you can spend something like 3 nights without proper sleep (shooting & shouting in the base right next to you, some people waking up and running out from the tents etc), and that may take it's toll afterwards.

The rule that the bases were offgame during the night was a good thing, as those who wanted some action could still fight during the night, but not in the bases. Keep this system indeed, especially if the future games are as long as this one was.

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