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Post by Rob Mitshi » 03 Jan 2009, 16:59


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Post by Tiger_1 » 03 Jan 2009, 18:32

Well if you zero your sights, you dont need to see the BB. but ofcourse, any wind will have you off target...så then you have to learn to read the wind (actualy do what snipers do) ;)
And shooting white bb's at people at long ranges is not really a good thing, as they see them coming and can do the old matrix trick....
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Post by Gravewind » 04 Jan 2009, 09:46

And top of everything said above I claim to be very skeptical about anyone making 100 meter headshot with under 3 J (~570 FPS 173 m/s) airsoft "sniper" weapon.

0,30 gram 6mm bb has theoretical velocity of 12 m/s at distance of 100 meters (windless environment normal pressure). I'm not familiar about any studies done about what is the terminal forward velocity where hop-up spin can't keep the bb in normal trajectory, but I could guess that it's a lot more than that. Even if you change bb to 0,43 g (keeping the gun energy level at 3J) bb forward velocity is around 21 m/s @ 100 m.

People just tend to misjudge airsoft distances.. alot..

It's always a healthy exercise to take a long tape measure (or a laser range finder if you have one *grin*) and check how much 100 meters really is. Then put up a plate (around head sized one) and try to hit it. I would guess any of us would start hitting it now and then in around 60 meters and scoring most of hits at 40 meters.
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Post by Trasher-HU » 04 Jan 2009, 14:22

Tiger_1 wrote:And shooting white bb's at people at long ranges is not really a good thing, as they see them coming and can do the old matrix trick....
Well, I shot hundreds of people with my sniper rifle in the last 3 years and only a fraction of 'em see it coming... You know, choosing the time/place and using surprise to your advantage is also a sniper thing.

Calculating the wind is a nice thing, but real marksmen use a teenie-weenie bit more consistent ammo (and rifles) than what we have in airsoft. :wink:

Gravewind wrote:It's always a healthy exercise to take a long tape measure (or a laser range finder if you have one *grin*) and check how much 100 meters really is.
Yeah, these 90 and 100 meter hits quickly deflate to a more reasonable leven when I break out my rangefinder on the field. :D
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Post by stevemartyn » 21 Sep 2010, 09:52

It has been discussed in other 70-454 threads on this board. And I can confirm that glass bbs were indeed used. Several of my teammates were hit by them. This happened on saturday, during the last firefight against the Mercs, by the SRP base. We handed over one of the bbs to Berget crew present at the location. If they took any action I don`t know.One of the bbs went straight through a teammate`s combat vest. he really felt the impact. Another teammate (Motorhead) was at the receiving end of a headshot with a glass bb. The bb went straight through his cap. fortunatly he was wearing a shemag underneath. He was not seriously hurt, but the bb left a very nasty mark on his head. 70-451=70-452=70-453

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Post by charleston » 22 Sep 2010, 16:42

Brujo wrote:1000 was a rumor! Just like the rumor that meathead was gay :P

Glass BB's were however found, one BB was broken and it shattered in spiky parts of glass. Whatever the chemical structure of that BB was, it had all the characteristics of glass.

The BB's were in a Begadi plastic bag and BE apparently knew a bout it since Friday. ... ts_id=2044 ... nglish.pdf

BE, I strongly believe that whoever owned this bag should not be allowed back to Berget as these BB's ARE dangerous. Glass does not deform upon impact like plastic does and offers no absorbtion of energy. It will cause damage to bone surface if hit on a hard spot.
I totally agree with your suggestion, it's really dangerous to use this kind of BB's. they should not be allowed and permitted to be back. They should be responsible enough to know it could seriously harm people.

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Post by leekemirror » 18 Mar 2011, 02:10

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