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Post by Losolos » 28 Jul 2008, 15:15

hi tomy, pahapaavali...

in the first run to the hill we havent reach the top of specksta and hide the rocket in some deep forest..
and in the following night we went again there with 15 person troop
ordered by Gen. C and put the rocket up to Specksta..

but than our HQ give us the order to destroy it because we can`t get the
chip with the target program...

so we blow it up !

we were also pissed because was not a easy walk with this 3 rocket pieces , the wood launch platform, Rocket fuel an 2 virus canisters...

but its was fun ... and thats its all about ..

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Post by Pahapaavali » 01 Aug 2008, 15:45

tomy wrote: right after we acquired the misile from our "special source" - Yuri Orlov the weapons smugler.
So this wasn't the same rocket that we had. Ours parts where scattered all around the radar hill and they had been there for along time coz, if I remember correctly, those parts were spotted day before the mission.

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